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Savannah Food & Wine Festival

Taste of Savannah was held this year at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Hundreds of food, wine, and spirits vendors participated in the festival, doling out their goodies to eager foodies and oenophiles.

Any excuse to get back to beautiful Savannah, right?

Savannah Food Wine Festival Park Backdrop

Savannah Food Wine Festival Atlanta Train

What an amazing outdoor venue! I felt like a kid, stupefied by all the big trains, and couldn’t resist the childish urge to clamber up onto some of the carriages to get a better view of the festival grounds.

Savannah Food Wine Festival Train 30

Savannah Food Wine Festival Atlanta Train 2715

There were scads of vendor tents, lots of barbecue grills being fired up, cookbooks being signed, and numerous live demonstrations taking place.

Savannah Food Wine Festival Cooking Demo

But we were careful to prioritize our time – tasting some of the incredible wines on offer…

Savannah Food Wine Festival Wine Tasting

And sampling some southern delicacies, such as honey barbecue grilled chicken wings.

Savannah Food Wine Festival Big Green Egg Chicken Wings

Savannah Food Wine Festival BBQ Wings

Savannah Food Wine Festival Couple

Savannah Food Wine Festival Berkeley's Mill Grits

Other Southern favorites were available to sample. These astounding grits were made with heavy cream and packed quite a punch – ooomf!

Savannah Food Wine Festival Barkley's Mill Grits

Savannah Food Wine Festival Naan Indian restaurant Savannah

We had our first taste of Indian food since leaving London, and it was sweet, spicy relief at long last. Oh, how we miss our old local curry house!

Savannah Food Wine Festival Naan Indian Food Savannah

Savannah Food Wine Festival Naan Indian restaurant Savannah Food

Savannah Food Wine Festival Nicolas Feuillatte Ste Michelle Wine Estates Sparkling Rose

Savannah Food Wine Festival Nicolas Feuillatte Ste Michelle Wine Estates Sparkling Rose Bottle

Savannah Food Wine Festival Sip Nicolas Feuillatte Ste Michelle Wine Estates Sparkling Rose Bottle

Savannah Food Wine Festival Samples

After a glass of bubbles and some pickled crudités, we swung round the tents one more time to try out some new and exciting drinks.

I am going to be filling my shopping cart with a huge supply of this toasted almond coconut sake when it makes its debut at my local Publix grocery store soon – it’s incredible!

Savannah Food Wine Festival Social Coconut Almond Sake

I don’t go for the hard stuff, but there was plenty of it around.

Savannah Food Wine Festival Serpents Bite Apple Cider

And even the most discerning drinker can’t resist a little sip of southern moonshine when it’s offered…

Savannah Food Wine Festival Moonshine shooter

Savannah Food Wine Festival Bill Elliott Dawsonville Moonshine

Savannah Food Wine Festival SoHo South Combo Shooter with Petit Crabcake

SoHo Combo Shooter with Petit Crabcake with mini grilled cheese & tomato bisque

Savannah Food Wine Festival Buffalo Wild Wings Slider

Wild Wing Cafe’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders with fried jalepenos

Savannah Food Wine Festival Georgia Peach Balsamic Vinegar

Lowcountry Gourmet Georgia Peach Balsamic Vinegar over ice cream

Savannah Food Wine Festival Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie with Toasted Marshmallow and Raspberry

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie with toasted marshmallow and raspberry

Savannah Food Wine Festival Red Train

We finally came to the end of our tour, and took our caboose right back into Savannah to call it a day!

Château de Berne Wine Tasting

Temperatures in Provence have been sweltering this summer, and a day at a private estate sampling the region’s famed rosé sounded like just the ticket.

You can find Château de Berne down a long shady lane amongst 1,500 acres of olive trees and vineyards in the heart of the Var region. The winery produces a full range of award-winning wines, but is particularly known for its rosé.


Chateau de Berne





I had a quick tour of the grounds. The rose bushes at the end of the vineyards indicated that the vines were in good nick. The grapes were plump and waxy. And the tractor was running just fine.





And now into the winery to sample the harvest!


Tastings and shop

Tastings and shop


The cellars

The cellars


Grande Cuvée Rosé 2011

Grande Cuvée Rosé 2011


My favorite - Cuvée Sauvage (Rosé) Brut

My favorite – Cuvée Sauvage (Rosé) Brut

We followed our wine tasting with a light lunch at Le Bistrot.





Lemon meringue tart

Lemon meringue tart

And a final romp around the beautifully landscaped grounds!




The rosé and heat had me feeling flushed. As we were leaving I accidentally walked into an electric fence and got zapped! I was literally shocked by what a great time I had at Chateau le Berne. Santé!

Poppies & Lavender

England is officially in bloom! And what a gorgeous weekend for putting the top down and cruising the back roads – taking in the sights and smells of summer blossoms.


We passed this field of poppies – too beautiful not to stop. These red poppies are the English remembrance flower – used since 1920 to commemorate soldiers who have died in battle. So although the poppies are strikingly pretty, they also evoke a tiny pang of sorrow.








Cotswold Lavender in Snowshill produces some of the finest lavender products in the country. With the fields in peak flower, it was an opportune time to stop in and stroll through the brilliantly colored meadows.











Lavender has such a calming effect on me, and the gift shop sells little sachets of dried lavender for £1.99 to take home! They also produce lavender oils, body creams, and even a slumber gel to rub on your temples before bed for a good night’s sleep.




Feeling blissed out, with our clothes and hair lavender-scented, we stopped at the Norman Knight pub to beat the summer heat with a cool drink. A shaded picnic table awaited us in the garden, where we plucked little sprigs of lavender – the perfect hat accessory!

Norman Knight1

Norman Knight

Norman Knight2

Norman Knight3

Norman Knight4

Norman Knight5

Norman Knight6

On the way home, we picked up groceries for lunch – including a few savory treats from The Cotswold Cheese Company in Moreton in Marsh.






We enjoyed the rest of the evening’s dwindling sun on the lawn with a glass of wine – playing a few games of giant pick-up sticks.






As a wise man once told me – when the sun smiles on England, it’s the greatest place in the world.