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Wedding Planning

No one tells you – wedding planning can be a royal pain. Weddings are dreamy and the preparations are supposed to feel inspired. But often it just seems like a long list of chores. And for someone like me who can barely make my bed every morning, the endless checklists are definitely wearisome.

Here are a few tips to cut the hassle out of tackling your wedmin lists!

Get organised.

This pocket-sized planner from Smythson was a gift from one of my bridesmaids and has been my constant companion during the planning process.



As you can see, most of the tabs are already dog-eared from use. Great for keeping contact details on hand at all times and jotting down notes on the go!

Personal Touches

When I popped the question to my bridesmaids, I wanted it to be the perfect proposal. So I tucked a vintage handkerchief embroidered with their initials into a card.



These personalized hankies hark back to a bygone era, and they make lovely retro keepsakes.


Just remember whenever anyone does anything for you, it costs more. So if possible, take matters into your own hands and get crafty! You’ll have fun and save a few precious pence. For instance, I researched wedding confetti costing as much as $12 per person! So I decided be clever and make them myself.

Birdseed pouches wedding table

Birdseed pouches wedding

All it takes is a bag of birdseed, some tulle discs, and a spool of pretty ribbon to tie them with!

Birdseed pouch assesmbly

Birdseed pouch assembled

Birdseed pouches table

And since a lot of confetti is made of plastic, paper and mylar, you’ll be going green and keeping the birdies happy!

wedding favor bags

We also used the same ribbon on the favor bags. Little details go a long way to tying a theme (or a color scheme) together.

Tried and true

There’s something to be said for sticking to what you know. I was beyond pleased with Whole Foods floral department for all the wedding pieces and table arrangements. Afterall, I’ve been getting beautiful, artful bouquets from them for years. Why would I trust another florist I’ve never used before, when I’m guaranteed great quality and value from a neighborhood favorite?

Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquet

Mile High Bride

Wedding planning is stressful enough without the added strain of international travel. As an ex-pat bride I had to cope with numerous transatlantic flights which can really take a toll on the immune system.

If you have plans to travel by air around your wedding, I highly recommend the below products which promote wellness for the on-the-go bride.

Altitude Oil

We are 100 times more likely to catch a cold on an airplane. Altitude Oil fends off bugs that circulate inside the cabin; just sprinkle a few drops onto a tissue and inhale deeply. It’s a strong antiviral blend with soothing scents of eucalyptus and jasmine.

Altitude Oil drop

Nosh Mile High Box

I also like to carry on a Mile High Pack from Nosh Detox, which is designed for frequent fliers – a neatly packaged treasure trove of probiotics and supplements to help you hit the runway feeling fresh.

Say thanks

No one (and I mean no one) pulls off planning a wedding single-handedly. There are people helping in the tiniest and most meaningful ways. Make sure you say thanks.


Enjoy every moment

Planning a wedding is daunting – there’s no doubt about it. It can be a drawn-out process. But it should be swell.

So make sure you savor the fun times – like the bridal shower my dear cousin hosted for me in America.


It was a bridal tea (a nod to my adopted homeland these days) but hosted the American way – with lots of wonderful canapés and a decadent cakes!



And these adorable anchor petit-fours!


Love is delicious.

And planning your wedding can be too!


So let yourself eat cake! (It’s good practice for the big day).


London Spring & Wedding Rings

This Saturday in London started off with some essential wedmin – picking out wedding bands!


The visit to the jeweler, and actually trying on the ring, was a rather heady experience.


My favorite bit was picking out the engraving for the inside of the band!


I was not expecting wedding band shopping to be so exciting but I was breathless and floating above the sidewalk afterwards. We had a long walk to lunch, so I gulped down a coconut water to hydrate for the journey.



We strolled along the Thames, all the way down to Westminster, where we passed beneath all the spring blossoms outside of Parliament.



Everything seemed to be coming up daisies!




We had lunch at a wonderful French restaurant, Casse-Croûte on Bermondsey Street. The name means “snacks”, which is exactly what we were looking for after our grueling cross-city hike.


Utterly charming inside and out, we shared a tiny checkered tabletop by the cafe-curtained window.



As London is now France’s sixth largest city (due to the sheer amount of Frenchies living here), I think this place is as authentic a tiny local French cafe as any other on the continent!




Dandelion salad with lardons and soft egg

Dandelion salad with lardons and soft egg

Quail with tabouleh and frisee

Quail with tabouleh and frisee


We listened to French radio playing softly as we dined. It was such an authentic and timeless experience!

Côte de boeuf

Côte de boeuf





A nice bottle of wine, and an incredible plate of steak made the perfect late Saturday lunch. We had to walk off our meal afterwards, so we ambled up to Tower Bridge (stopping for some cliché local photo opps along the way)!








Cutting through the Tower of London on our walk back along the river, we marvelled at the medieval history underfoot.





After a full day of zealous exploration, we prowled back home to West London, feeling like cats who got the cream.