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Another Happy Birthday!

The other morning I woke up to the nectarous scent of rosebuds by my bedside. And the smell of coffee… in the room?

I squinted my eyes open groggily scanning my surroundings. Then I remembered, it’s my birthday!

Birthday Bed Flowers

I hate to gloat – but my husband is pretty gosh-darn dreamy.

I guess you probably want to hear about the other surprises he had planned…

Only the most gorgeous, flowy Paper Crown dress from Anthropologie ever!

Birthday Bed Dress

Birthday Bed Looking Down

Birthday Bed Card

Plus a motherload of ESPA oils which I’ve been hooked on since the Harvey Nicks Spring Beauty Event and which he’d noticed I’d run out of…

Birthday Bed Espa

When he told me where he was taking me for lunch, my only concern was how fast I could get into my new dress!

Birthday Lunch Dress Birthday Lunch Dress Long Hair

A peach blossom creamsicle confection! I am in LOVE with this dress!

Birthday Lunch Dress Flowy

The River Cafe is a west London institution – and a personal fave. Gwyneth Paltrow also likes to celebrate her birthday here. Like me, she’s prone to throw down on a big bowl of pasta on her big day.

Birthday Lunch River Cafe

Birthday Lunch Entrance

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Pasta is still a little ways off.

First we toasted with Rossinis made from prosecco and mashed strawberries.

Birthday Lunch Table

Then we lingered over exquisitely ripe melon and salty ribbons of ham that dissolve on the tongue.

Culatello di Zibello – with Charentais melon

Culatello di Zibello – with Charentais melon

Birthday Lunch 1 Melon and Ham

Then it was pasta time!

Spaghetti – with parmesan, green & purple basil, Amalfi lemon & Selvapiana extra virgin olive oil

Spaghetti – with parmesan, green & purple basil, Amalfi lemon & Selvapiana extra virgin olive oil

Tagliatelle ai Funghi – fresh pasta with girolles, thyme, garlic & Parmesan

Tagliatelle ai Funghi – fresh pasta with girolles, thyme, garlic & Parmesan

Followed by a crispy-skinned filet of turbot slick with the most succulent roasting juices from the artichoke, olives, lemon and oil.

Rombo al forno – turbot tranche wood-roasted with lemon, olives & summer savory with violetta artichokes & potatoes ‘al forno’

Rombo al forno – turbot tranche wood-roasted with lemon, olives & summer savory with violetta artichokes & potatoes ‘al forno’

Birthday Lunch 3 Turbot Artichoke

After a colossal three courses, there was no room for dessert, or even a coffee.

But it’s impossible to turn down a birthday shot of limoncello!

Birthday Lunch 4 Lemoncello

Birthday Lunch Limoncello Drink

Birthday Lunch 4 Limoncello face

That’s my sour limoncello face!

After lunch, we look the long way home, strolling through Fulham Palace Road Cemetery. It’s such a peaceful, reflective oasis in the middle of the city where time seems to stand still. It’s actually most beautiful in the spring, when the cherry trees are heavy with pink blossoms.

Birthday Lunch Walk Fulham Cemetary

Birthday Walk Path

Birthday Walk

Birthday Walk Monument

Birthday Lunch Walk

Later that evening, after a quick costume change, a trip to the theatre was also in store. The production was a stage play of the World War II existential satire Catch-22 at the Richmond Theatre.

Located just off of Richmond Green, it’s a striking Victorian building.

Richmond Theatre

Richmond Roof

The dress circle bar is warmly lit by the glow of stained glass. We took our drinks out on the balcony to enjoy the mild evening air.

Richmond Bar

Richmond Balcony dress

Richmond Balcony

Richmond Beer

Richmond Us

I’m another year older and wiser, but I cannot get any happier!