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Home Beach Home

It’s been quite a journey, getting to South Carolina from London, over the past few months. But we finally found the perfect beach shack and we’re all snuggled in! I guess you could say I’ve even become a bit of a homebody.

Station 19 Outside front door orange

Station 19 Living Room Sofa

Station 19 Living Room Mirror

Station 19 Kitchen Side Counter

Station 19 Kitchen Counter

Station 19 Guest bedroom Chest of Drawers Side

Station 19 Guest Bedroom Flowers

Station 19 Guest Bedroom Flowers Nightstand

Station 19 Bedroom Pillows

Station 19 Screened in Porch Beach Cottage

I’ve been getting down to work in the kitchen, testing out some classic Southern recipes… and a few of my own, like this Georgia peach gâteau.

Station 19 Pie Cloche

Station 19 Pie Cloche Cover

Southern life is treating us well. We’ve found the perfect compromise living 15 minutes outside of Charleston, but right on the beach in Sullivan’s Island. After all, we haven’t moved from the greatest city in the world to be downtown with all the tourists, college students and fixie bike hipsters. Life’s better on the water!

Sullivan's Island Beach Welcome Sign

Luckily, we’re 2 blocks from the sand – so we’ve been taking advantage of morning walks on the beach and late afternoon swims in the ocean.

Sullivan's Island Boardwalk Beach path

Sullivan's Island Boardwalk Beach path Landscape

Sullivan's Island Boardwalk Beach Waves Sand Landscape

Sullivan's Island Boardwalk Beach Houses Lighthouse Landscape

Sullivan's Island Boardwalk Beach Dunes Landscape

We didn’t waste any time finding our favourite restaurants on the island. On this particular occasion, we were off to brunch just up the road. We’re lucky we can walk everywhere, exploring our new neighbourhood on foot.

Sullivan's Island Sidewalk

Sullivan's Island Blue Doll House Victorian

Sullivan's Island Obstinate Daughter Steps

Obstinate Daughter is relatively new to the island – like us! But it’s already been making waves in the area for it’s coastal Italian influences and local ingredients. We heard about it practically before we even got unpacked, and now we’re working on making ourselves regulars.

Sullivan's Island Obstinate Daughter Steps Up

Sullivan's Island Obstinate Daughter Interior

Sullivan's Island Obstinate Daughter BarMary

Their Blonde Bloody Mary is epic. And in case you’re wondering, that’s pickled okra speared on the garnish.

Sullivan's Island Obstinate Daughter Bloody Mary

Seasonal vegetable frittata with basil and mozzarella

Seasonal vegetable frittata with basil and mozzarella

House ham, farm egg, fontal cheese, garlic aioli

House ham, farm egg, fontal cheese, garlic aioli

Our brunch was slammin’ – I will keep coming back until I try everything on the menu.

Sullivan's Island Beardcats OD

Life’s a beach – and I really can’t complain!

Le Chalet at Selfridges

Christmas is two weeks away!

And is this not the most enthusiastic face you’ve ever seen on a man about to head into the holiday hullabaloo that is Christmas shopping on Oxford Street?

Eddie Tube

Our destination: Selfridges.

Essentially, the British version of Macy’s – and a magnet for retail tourism.

Their window displays have become a destination in their own right. Framed in twinkling pine boughs, this year’s theme is fairy tales. Leave it to a department store (founded by an American) to take the enchantment and imagination of childhood fantasies and sell them back to us as merchandising.

Selfridges Bagpiper

Selfridges Window Display Gold Fairytale

Though the fairy tale theme is hardly original, consumers are especially susceptible to their familiar notions of romance and happiness during the holiday period. If, for some people, that happiness just happens to be Chinese handbags stamped with the name of a certain Project Runway star, who am I to judge?*

Selfridges Window Display Winter 2014

Selfridges Window Display Villian

Selfridges Hat in Hand Outside Pine Boughs

Selfridges Window Paddington Tax

Paddington Bear is back on the scene again.

Selfridges Window Paddington

I even bumped into him as we staggered through crowds on the 4th floor Christmas Shop.

Selfridges Paddington

After checking our lists twice and whizzing through the queues for the register, we made tracks to the roof terrace for lunch at the Alpine-themed Le Chalet.

Selfridges Le Chalet Entrance

Selfridges Le Chalet Table

Seated by the window with a view over Mayfair’s pink skies, we could wrestle our bags under the table and order a much-needed drink.

Selfridges Le Chalet Window Seat

Selfridges Le Chalet View



And I’m not talking about a glass of chardonnay…

At Le Chalet, it’s all about the “Choctails”! Served from the hot chocolate bar, these cocoa toddies are deliriously sweet and incredibly boozy! Sip with extreme caution!

Selfridges Le Chalet Choctails

Hazelnut "Choctail"

Hazelnut “Choctail”


I ordered the Hazelnut, and it was blinkin’ delicious!

While the sugar rush hit our bloodstream, we ordered a few nibbles to fortify us through the rest of the shopping day ahead.

Gooey raclette with sliceds of dry cured beef, pickles and potatoes

Gooey raclette with sliceds of dry cured beef, pickles and potatoes

Selfridges Le Chalet Raclette

Cornish crab with pickled celeriac & mustard

Cornish crab with pickled celeriac & mustard

Peppered tuna with wasabi avocado

Peppered tuna with wasabi avocado

The interlude was just what we needed before round two of Christmas madness resumed.

Selfridges Yoda

A very jolly day out shopping, we had!

*His bags are selling like hotcakes to the English gals (seriously)! So out of awe and admiration to the guy, here’s a tribute to everyone’s favourite reality fashion show personality.

Tote to Self

Now that I’m married, I’ve been having that feeling of “what next?

And the only logical conclusion I could come to is – a new baby.

God no, not a child!

This baby…

J Crew Darlington Bag Navy

The J Crew Downing tote – monogrammed with my new initials of course!

Because why would I want to carry any other logo but my own?

J Crew Bag Detail

J Crew Bag Raw Monogram

J Crew Bag Pouch

I tucked the only two cards a Londoner needs into the interior wristlet – and headed off for dinner!

Destination Hawksmoor Knightsbridge to meet my fine lady friend for some goss, red wine..

Hawksmoor Chelsea and Me

And to eat like dudes!

350 g’s of 55-day-aged rump steak, cooked medium rare, and drizzled with Stilton hollandaise? Don’t worry, I got this!

Hawksmoor Rump

Macaroni cheese

Macaroni cheese


Lobster roll with sriracha mayonnaise & yuzu

Lobster roll with sriracha mayonnaise & yuzu

We were so boss, in fact, we even manned up for dessert.

Hawksmoor Dessert

That peanut butter shortbread with salted caramel ice cream never saw what hit it…

Two London girls with callous appetites!

My Annual Haircut

I’m not a hair maintenance person. I get my hair styled no more than twice per year. I loved having long hair, but because I never fuss about it, over time it’s ended up looking totally exhausted. I could not bear the thought of getting to Easter and still having this boring, busted ‘do. So I booked in for my yearly hair repair at Hari’s.

ImageI’ve been coming here since I moved to London. It has two locations: the original on Brompton Road in South Kensington, and this one on King’s Road, which I like to think is the hipper, edgier one. This is a place I can come and surrender my hair with no anxiety about getting 5 inches chopped off  or worries that I did not explain exactly what style I’m after, because they never go wrong.


Check out the before…


And after!


I didn’t realise how long it had grown!


There’s no better feeling than breezing out of the salon feeling “light-headed” with the delicious fragrance of new products in your hair!


Hari’s uses Moroccanoil products. I may need to stock up on this stuff!