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Tying the Knot: A Nautical Maryland Wedding

The most spectacular setting for a nautical wedding was a dazzling day in June on the immaculate waterfront grounds of the Inn at Perry Cabin. Located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, it is a venue that oozes classic American style and relaxed luxury.

Organizing a wedding from London was not without its challenges, but we were thrilled to see so many long-imagined details come together on the day.

And the weather was just like I planned it – perfect.





Custom Calligraphy Wedding Program by Laura Lavender

Custom Calligraphy Wedding Program by Laura Lavender

Silvery Seashell Ring Holder from BHLDN

Silvery Seashell Ring Holder from BHLDN

Something old was my mother’s veil. With it’s delicate emboidered flowers, the vintage double blusher went perfectly with the leather appliqued straps on my gown. It was meant-to-be.

Something new was my dress – a summery organza number by Valentino.

Something borrowed was a glittering pair of earrings borrowed from a newlywed best friend. I nervously brought them all the way from London to make sure I had plenty of sparkle power coming down the aisle.

Something blue (besides my sapphire ring, of course) was a delicate bracelet with a chic and simple blue charm, a last-minute gift from a bridesmaid.

And, by all means, the obligatory silver sixpence for my shoe!










My gorgeous gal pals

My gorgeous gal pals






Custom Nautical Wedding by Paperless Post

Custom Nautical Wedding Menu by Paperless Post

Sailboat Placecards by Third Cloud to the Left on Etsy

Sailboat Placecards by Third Cloud to the Left on Etsy

Nautical custom favor bags by Paper Source

Nautical custom favor bags by Paper Source

Hobnail cake by Sweet Hearts Patisserie, Annapolis

Hobnail cake by Sweet Hearts Patisserie, Annapolis

Sail & Anchor Wedding Cake Fork Set via Fancy

Sail & Anchor Wedding Cake Fork Set via Fancy

The setting, and the day itself, felt so effortless and surreal.

In fact, it was perfect.


Mr. Scene didn’t want to be seen in this post, but I can promise you he looked marvelous, darling!

A big thank you to the team at The Inn at Perry Cabin and our wonderful officiant, the honorable William A. Potts, Sr.

Happily ever after to follow.

Maryland Crab Feast

Just a stone’s throw from St. Michaels’ historic drag runs a pretty brick lane just tempting you to drive down it.

It leads to one of the best resort properties on the East Coast (and not just in my opinion)!

We loved every minute of our time spent here, the site of our wedding weekend – The Inn at Perry Cabin.






Room Table

The day after our wedding, we shuffled into our slippers and padded out onto the porch for breakfast al fresco.

These views aren’t too shabby!

Morning door view

Morning view

Morning breakfast unveil

Hickory smoked bacon, roasted tomatoes, mixed greens,  cherry vinaigrette & fried eggs on brioche

Hickory smoked bacon, roasted tomatoes, mixed greens, cherry vinaigrette & fried eggs on toasted brioche

Morning breakfast

Nothing like a strong cup of joe and a hearty BLT with farm fresh eggs to get your motor runnin’.

Revved up, we actually did nothing but spend the rest of the morning loafing around by the pool with our friends.

Morning Pool

Morning Pool Girls

The girls sunned ourselves and nattered about the prior evening’s happenings while the boys played a friendly (ahem, competitive) match of croquet.

Morning Croquet

Morning croquet lawn

Later that afternoon we headed over to lunch at the Crab Claw. This was our way of indoctrinating our out-of-town guests into one of the basics of Maryland life – the crab feast.

Crab Shack

Situated right on the water with views across the marina, everyone began to arrive suitably attired to the “Red, White and Blue” dress code and ready to get crabby!

Crab Feast Couple

Chelsea and Morgs

Crab Feast Girls

The buffet was even stocked with cookies compliments of my fairy godmother, Lisa! They were adorable little crabs and nautical striped shortbreads with our new monogram.

Crab Feast Flags Table

Crab Feast Cookie Basket

Crab Feast Cookies

Dessert sorted!

But for now, it was time to dive into some crabs!

Crab Feast Table Set

Crab Feast Eddie

Crab Fast Eddie

With pitchers of beer and Bloody Marys flowing, our guests were having a great time.

But then again, how could they not, with charming hosts like us to amuse them?

Crab Feast Chatting

Crab Feast Laughing

Crab Feast Hats

Crab Feast In Depth Convo

Crab Feast Eyes

Crab Feast Cuties

Later we headed over to C Street Saloon to watch the races, play a little pool, and hang out.

Jesse Lydia

Saloon Pool Table Shot

Saloon Boys Chat

Saloon Dancing

Saloon Dance

It was a rowdy all-American shindig in the end, with people dancing on the pool tables!

Saloon Playing

Saloon Boys


God bless America!

Summer On the Chesapeake Bay

With the wedding date inching closer and closer, it was time to jet home to America and spend a few restful days before the whirlwind of matrimonial hoopla!

There could be no better place to kick off my sandals and catch some rays on the dock than a little waterfront cottage on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sitting room

Living room

Living room mitt

lving room lounging

Living room lamp

Bedroom Upstairs

Bedroom nook



The perfect place to lounge away the hours… and the best feature is the view!


Barefoot on the dock, watching the ospreys glide over the water, with fishermen pulling up crab pots in the distance – the perfect spot for a cool drink in the sunshine.


And you never know what kind of crazy creatures you’ll catch at the end of the pier!

dock net


Maryland’s Eastern Shore is my all-time favorite spot on earth for lazing away a summer afternoon, preferably in a sun-dappled spot in the shade steps from the water’s edge.


Except someone’s already beat me to this perfect hangout!

hammock nap

For dinner, my Uncle Ed whipped up a mean bayside feast – a coastal favorite called Low Country Boil. You boil up a pot and throw in the shrimp, potatoes and corn-on-the-cob with a melange of specialty spices.

Shrimp boil

shrimp biol tin

Then dig in!

Shrimp boil serve

The next morning, I rose early and scampered down to the pebbled patio with my mug of coffee. Daybreak is the most peaceful time on the bay, when there’s still a slight damp chill in the air and the water is smooth as a mirror.


But there were already two little birds out there chirping away!

flag can


Flag waving

flag couple

flags couple

As the morning hours dwindled, we decided to get dressed and go stretch our legs in town.

And there might have been some wheels screeching on the way there…


town flowers

St. Michaels is just one of the many darling historic port towns of my cherished home state. It embodies clean, classic Americana – colonial clapboard architecture, proud maritime heritage, some of the best seafood you’ve ever tasted…

And a regional take on the bloody mary that will leave your mouth twanging with happiness for a month of Sundays.

Bloody mary


town fish tacos

We had amazing fish tacos at Foxy’s Harbor Grille on the marina, and then astoundingly still had room for dessert, a cone at Justine’s.

ice cream

ice cream parlour

ice cream cone

We made it back home in time for sunset on the bay (thanks to a heavy foot on the petal). Smiles and family and a glass of pale pink rose, ice cubes clinking in our wine glasses…

Dock Aunt Judith

Dock brpthers


It feels so good to be home!