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Flower Crafting at Kate Spade

Last night Kate Spade New York invited me for an evening of sips, snacks and flower crafting with Wild at Heart to celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show.

Upon arriving at their Sloane Square boutique, I was absolutely wowed by their bespoke tropical floral window display.

This takes the term wallflowers to the extreme!

Kate Spade flowers

Inside, there were handsome gents waiting at the door offering tropical beachy drinks!

Kate Spade coconuts

Beverage in hand, I made my way over to where the action was – the floral crafting table!

The ladies from local florist Wild at Heart were on hand giving demos on botanical crafts.

Kate Spade floral

Kate Spade floral demo girls

Under their watchful instruction, I tried my hand at creating a blooming hair piece.

It was very intricate work – I now have a higher appreciation for all the craftsmanship going into my custom floral pieces for the wedding!

Kate Spade floral demo

Kate Spade floral demo comb

Kate Spade floral demo dress

Kate Spade floral demo drink

It looks like I may have taken a little inspiration from the bags on display in eye-popping tropical colors!

Kate Spade bags

After finishing my flowery creation, I was able to browse around sipping a delicious, slushy caipirinha.

Kate Spade Floral Sofa

Kate Spade Things We Love

Kate Spade sofa

And before heading off to dinner, just one more peek at that window display!

Kate Spade outside

Kate Spade outside floral

The buzz around Sloane Square for the Chelsea Flower Show is infectious at the moment. I loved seeing all the shops with their own floral creations on display adding to the excitement.

We spotted a maze in the square and couldn’t contain our childish impulse to have a run through it.


Maze Girl

Truly an a-maze-ing experience!

Now time to be good adults, and go to dinner with other grown-ups.


Buckingham St James

And so we headed off across St James Park as dusk drew close. We will have to wait another day to come out and play again.

London Spring & Wedding Rings

This Saturday in London started off with some essential wedmin – picking out wedding bands!


The visit to the jeweler, and actually trying on the ring, was a rather heady experience.


My favorite bit was picking out the engraving for the inside of the band!


I was not expecting wedding band shopping to be so exciting but I was breathless and floating above the sidewalk afterwards. We had a long walk to lunch, so I gulped down a coconut water to hydrate for the journey.



We strolled along the Thames, all the way down to Westminster, where we passed beneath all the spring blossoms outside of Parliament.



Everything seemed to be coming up daisies!




We had lunch at a wonderful French restaurant, Casse-Croûte on Bermondsey Street. The name means “snacks”, which is exactly what we were looking for after our grueling cross-city hike.


Utterly charming inside and out, we shared a tiny checkered tabletop by the cafe-curtained window.



As London is now France’s sixth largest city (due to the sheer amount of Frenchies living here), I think this place is as authentic a tiny local French cafe as any other on the continent!




Dandelion salad with lardons and soft egg

Dandelion salad with lardons and soft egg

Quail with tabouleh and frisee

Quail with tabouleh and frisee


We listened to French radio playing softly as we dined. It was such an authentic and timeless experience!

Côte de boeuf

Côte de boeuf





A nice bottle of wine, and an incredible plate of steak made the perfect late Saturday lunch. We had to walk off our meal afterwards, so we ambled up to Tower Bridge (stopping for some cliché local photo opps along the way)!








Cutting through the Tower of London on our walk back along the river, we marvelled at the medieval history underfoot.





After a full day of zealous exploration, we prowled back home to West London, feeling like cats who got the cream.


Sunday, Literally

On Sunday morning, Londoners across the city awoke and drew back the shutters (initally with puzzlement, then in a state of rapture) peering up at an unfamiliar glowing orb in the sky. Was I still dreaming? Was my hangover making me extremely sensitive to natural light? No, it was defintely the sun!

Hallelujah! It still existed! Sensing the mass exodus about to break out in every borough, I knew I must act fast to secure a table for brunch. I dressed in a frenzied stupor and lunged out onto the streets, determined to beat the queues forming outside kitchens citywide.


An excuse to rummage deep in my closet and knock the dust off a Londoner’s most neglected accessory – sunglasses!

There was a nebulous queue of about a dozen people outside Granger & Co by the time we arrived. Run by Aussies or New Zealanders (definitely from that area of the map), where “reservation” is a foreign word, a wait list did not occur to their laid-back senses. Rather, the confused mob is encouraged to crowd the door, looming awkwardly over a few al fresco diners brave enough the endure the morning chill in exchange for more direct access to a few rays of London’s most limited natural resource.

The total wait for a table for two was only 20 minutes – not bad. Once seated was when the real wait began. A true test of endurance. It’s been too long since I had to wait an inappropriate amount of time for a scrambled egg breakfast. My only respite was the sunshine streaming in the room and the excellently executed Bloody Mary I had to sip for the eternity that stood between me and my avocado salsa. In the back of my mind, I somehow knew the infinite wait would be worth it, and it was.


The 40 minute egg breakfast!


Look at them – one heady mound of silky organic Cotswold Legbar eggs


I’m sorry, maybe it was my hangover, maybe it was my indomitable optimism about the sunny day, but these eggs were worth waiting 40 minutes for. Crazy? Maybe. Try them, love them, you could never recreate them.

Belly full, the day demanded a long stroll – punctuated with intermittant spells of shopping. A few hours of uninterrupted sun and I was already at Peter Jones fantasizing about patio furniture for the terrace.


The first hint of spring, and my head is spinning with garden lantern inspirations!

By afternoon, it was time for a retail hiatus and a glass of chardonnay at Bibendum Oyster Bar in the Michelin Building. I have long been curious about this Art-Nouveau landmark, but at present it is undergoing a structural renovation and the exterior is entirely cloaked in tarps and scaffolding. There is still plenty of interior charm, including this playful mosaic of the tire company’s mascot, the Michelin Man.


The Bibendum Oyster Bar is an elegant spot to enjoy a glass of wine and a half-dozen natives.





Hark, spring! What a perfect Sunday.

Easter Weekend

One thing the Brits get right is the bank holiday weekend. This year Good Friday and Easter Monday were bank holidays, so nothing was getting in the way of me making the best of this 4-day weekend.

Friday night I met friends for some pre-theatre snacks at Dean Street Townhouse in Soho. A corner table by the window was a cozy spot for some candlelit nibbles.  The girolle & leek tart and the potted shrimps were just the trick for tiding us over until our late dinner reservation.


After tipping back a couple flutes of Dean Street’s finest bubbles, we made a quick dash to the Prince Of Wales Theatre and took our seats for…

The Book of Mormon!


By the end I had permanent dimples from all the laughing.

This show has received a gazillion rave reviews already, and I must concur –

pure hilarity!

Next on the Easter circuit was a little bit of a boogie. The next time you want to go “south of the border” without going south of the Thames, I recommend Tonteria. Located conveniently on the Sloane Square, we nestled into one of their dingy booths and sipped the very aptly-named Tonteritas.



Easter Sunday finally arrived, providing a much needed escape to the Cotwolds to refuel and relax by the fire.



And eat!

Creamy smoked haddock pots


Rosemary-buttered roast pouisson & Comte gratin


And the jewel in the crown of any self-respecting English feast… Pavlova!


After coffee, Poppy and I were raring to get out in the country air and stretch our legs.


I have to say, the little kid in me missed my American Easter basket with Peeps just a smidge, but..

Happy Easter everyone!