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Rock to Padstow

While visiting Cornwall, I heard of a nearby fish and chips shop (or “chippie” as the Brits like to say) that was not to be missed.

It’s in Padstow across the Camel River from Rock, linked by a ferry that shuttles back and forth all day. The St Moritz Hotel kindly provides car transfer to the ferry in their trusty (and logo-emblazoned) Land Rover, so we heaved ourselves up into the back and set off!


Rock Ferry Side

When we arrived in Rock, the ferry was just about to depart. We climbed aboard, paid the £4 return fare and enjoyed the views on the 10 minute journey across to Padstow Harbour.

Padstow Ferry

Padtow Ferry Boarding

Padstow Ferry Girls

Padstow Ferry Boys

Padstow Ferry Photo

Padstow Journey View

Padstow Ferry Sea Fury

Padstow Harbour

Padstow Doggies

Padstow is quaint little fishing village, full of charming shops and pubs.

In the harbour, we met some youth selling Remembrance Poppies for the Royal British Legion. The Poppy Appeal is annual fundraising drive in support of serving armed forces, veterans and their families. We all donned our poppies and wandered into town.

Padstow Poppy Appeal Transaction

Padstow Poppy Appeal

Padstow Phonebooth

Padstow Phonebooth Girls

Padstow Phonebooth B&W

Padstow Pasties

Padstow Pub

Padstow Alms House

Eventually, we wound our way around the other side of the harbour and found our destination – Rick Stein’s Fish & Chips. It turns out this guy, Rick, is a pretty big deal in Padstow. On practically every street in town there’s one of his cafes or bakeries or gift shops.

And we weren’t the only ones with an appetite for fish and chips. When we arrived 3 minutes after opening, the restaurant was already full with a 40-minute queue forming outside. So we opted for the takeaway counter instead.

Padstow Rick Steins Fish and Chips

We lined up and pondered our choices: battered cod, haddock, hake, plaice or lemon sole.

Decisions, decisions…

Padstow Rick Steins Fish and Chips To Go

Padstow Rick Steins Queing

We started with some battered oysters, served piping hot, with lemon and a spring of parsley.

Padstow Rick Stein Oysters

Crispy golden fritters with plump, milky-sweet oyster flesh inside – they were so shucking good!

Appetizer done, I was ready for my first ever taste of English fish and chips. This is was a big moment.

I have to say, I’m so glad I saved the experience for a place like this. Golly, it was worth the wait especially with a dash of salt and vinegar on the chips, and some homemade tartare sauce to dunk big chunks of the crispy battered cod in. The scenery was perfect – a beautiful Cornish day by the water, with guileful seagulls swooping above us.

Padstow Rick Stein Fish and Chips Bite

Padstow Rick Steins Fish and Chips Box

I can now see why Ricky boy is so popular in this town!

Padstow Rick Steins Box

I I seldom eat fried food, but this was more for the novelty factor than anything else. We nibbled for a bit, but it was impossible to eat the whole portion. Reluctantly we dumped what we couldn’t finish in the bins and moved towards the beach to find the ferry back.

Padstow Ferry Reurn Beach

Padstow Beachside

Another check off my UK bucketlist – and a wonderful day in Padstow!

Weekend in Cornwall

This weekend we rashly packed a bag and made a break for the Cornish coast!

We arrived in the charming seaside village of Rock and checked in at the St Moritz Hotel. Surrounded by wispy tufts of beach grass, the blanched white Art Deco resort serenely overlooks the headland and Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

St Moritz Cornwall Hotel

St Moritz Cornwall

St Moritz Staircase Winding

St Moritz Staircase

St Moritz Bar

After enjoying a welcome drink in the bar, we whipped on our coats and set off down the hill toward the beach.

St Moritz Beach Cabanas

St Moritz Coastal Path Beach Sign

St Moritz Coastal Path

We followed the coastal path north towards the bay of Polzeath, looking down from the grassy bluffs on those enjoying the beaches at low tide below.

St Moritz Coastal Path Beach

Polzeath View

Polzeath View Grassy

St Moritz Coastal Path Windy Hair

St Moritz Coastal Path Lighthouse

Despite the constant winds battering the coast, this area of England remains resolutely green and brimming with the most delicate little flowers.

Polzeath Flowers

Polzeath Pink Flowers

Polzeath Path

When Polzeath came into sight up ahead, we could see the surf was dotted with hoards of people in their wetsuits hoping to catch a wave. From long boarders to boogie boarders, young and old, it was quite a surprise to see so many surfers braving the cold swells.

Polzeath Bay

Polzeath Bay Surfer

Polzeath Surfboards

Polzeath Surfside Beach View

Even though it’s October and you have to wrap up a bit, it still feels good to walk in the sand and find a cute little beachside cafe to pause for a bit.

Polzeath Surfside Peace Signs

Polzeath Surfside Portrait

Surfside is the coolest beach shack ever with a simple (but classic) menu of tasty surfer grub – every dish equally tempting. I mean, how am I supposed to choose between a lobster roll and lobster mac n’ cheese? It’s impossible! And that’s not even taking into consideration the crab sandwich with chili mayo!

Polzeath Surfside Open Sign

Polzeath Surfside Menu

So we ordered all three – passing the enamel dishes back and forth across the table for “just one more bite.”

Polzeath Surfside Lobster Roll

Polzeath Mac n Cheese

Polzeath Surfside Crab Sandwich

Polzeath Surfside Bite

Polzeath Surfside Table

Polzeath Surfside Orioles Hat

After lunch, we sat for a while watching sand-flecked children and shaggy coated doggies whir by in fits of giggles and tail-wagging. There’s something about the excitement of the beach, no matter the season, that makes you feel a bit like a kid again. So we rounded up our friends for a round of crazy golf.

Polzeath Crazy Golf Stroke

My swing was a little bit rusty but I felt like I’d just won the green jacket when I expertly sunk a hole in one!

Polzeath Crazy Golf Hole In One

Then a few holes on, my opponent battled back with one of his own!

Polzeath Crazy Golf Loopty Loop

Polzeath Crazy Golf Another Hole in One

We love a bit of friendly competition, but this time we actually didn’t keep score.

I think this once it was simply enough to have a cheerful playmate to walk the sandy path back home with after a fun-filled day at the beach.