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Getting Piste: Skiing the Swiss Alps

Visiting friends in Switzerland over the weekend, we set aside a day for one of my favorite sports. I’ve loved skiing since I was just a wee tot. My grandparents were avid skiers and got me started in the sport by getting me my first pair of boots and skis. They always recalled my first ever run down the slopes – tucking my tiny child-sized poles up under my armpits and zooming straight down, fearless. These days (as most adults tend to become with age), I’m a little more cautious. But although I don’t have the same dare-devil confidence, still nothing compares to a bright day spent breathlessly darting through the snow.

Ski01 Ski3


And the Swiss Alps are stunning. Soaring high over the edge of Lake Walensee, with flabbergasting views of the unspoiled Churfirsten chain, Flumserberg is the biggest winter sports’ region in eastern Switzerland.



The top of the slopes was buzzing with activity, families, ski team practice, even a marching band rehearsing for the upcoming town carnival.



We stopped for lunch at a little restaurant and refueled with the most decadent, bubbling dish of rösti imaginable!

Ski Rosti 2

Ski Rosti3Ski Rosti Ski Rosti1


We spent the afternoon swishing and swooshing down the mountains, taking in the jaw-dropping views of the Walensee and the green valley floor below.

Ski10 Ski4

We stopped at a charming chalet for a glass of glühwein – basically, the Swiss version of mulled wine.




When the daylight started to dim and the slopes were covered in shadows, we headed back to Zürich. Resting our achy bods, with a glass of red wine in hand, we spent the evening talking over dinner as the lights twinkled on the lake.