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Good-bye, Parsons Green!

I was so lucky when I first moved to London and got a little studio flat just off the Kings Road in Fulham. I fell in love with the area, and never left. Then we got our little mews house in Parsons Green, and I can honestly say that there is no other neighbourhood in London I’d rather live. It’s a truly special place.

Fulham Parsons Green Lane

Fulham Epple Road

Parsons Green has plenty of curb appeal, with endless rows of streets to wander down on a sunny day. I’ll miss spending Saturday mornings making the rounds to all my favourite shops and stops. Here’s a few in case you’re ever in the neighbourhood:

Fulham Epple Road Doors

Fulham Road Cologne and Cotton

Cologne & Cotton is the only place I’ll go for bed linens and bath essentials. I can’t resist their luxurious cotton nightwear. They stock fancy European fragrances and toiletries, and a selection of adorable children’s items – in case you’re on the hunt for a perfect baby shower gift.

Cologne and Cotton Blue Stripe Sheets

Fulham Road Nomad Books

Nomad Books is the indie bookshop that every neighbourhood in London yearns for. With a steady rotation of staff picks, there’s always a  recommendation in the window to tempt me inside. The cafe buzzes with the sounds and aroma of freshly brewed java, great with a new novel and a crumbly slice of cake.

Fulham Road Nomad Books Window

Parsons Green

Parsons Green The White Horse

Every neighbourhood in the city has its local public house. But living here we’re blessed with one of London’s most iconic pubs, The White Horse. The beer garden gets rammed in the spring and summer when the outdoor grill gets fired up, wafting the sweet smell of barbeque across the green.

Parsons Green The White Horse taps

Parsons Green The White Horse Beer

Parsons Green The White Horse Drink

Parsons Green Elizabeth King

Grocery shopping is never a chore at Elizabeth King (also known as Bayley & Sage). We’re spoiled for choice with its impressive range of fresh fruit and veg, homemade pastas and sauces, and heavenly pastries and baked goods. And we’ve never come away from here without a big, gooey hunk of cheese from the dairy case.

Parsons Green Elizabeth King Fruit

Parsons Green Elizabeth King Shopping

Parsons Green Elizabeth King Tomatoes

When it comes to health and fitness, I’ve got it pretty good in my neighbourhood. There are a slew of places to get my fitness on. For my gym kit, I go straight to Sweaty Betty. They sell comfy, stylish activewear, and they host free yoga classes in the shop several times a week.

Parsons Green Sweaty Betty Pilates Socks and Leggings

Bootcamp Pilates is an old fave. Everyone knows them by now. Sure, it isn’t the poshest or sexiest studio in London. But it’s gooood.

Parsons Green Bootcamp Pilates

Bootcamp Pilates Fulham Parsons Green

Every corner of this neighbourhood is now so familiar and feels like home. There have been many crazy dinner parties, and quiet weeknights in, and rainy Sunday mornings reading The Times with a steaming mug of tea. So it was a with a heavy heart that we packed up everything and watched the removal vans be loaded one by one. This place holds so many wonderful memories of our years in London.

Mustow Place Parsons Green Rose Red Door

Mustow Place Flat Upstairs Sitting Room

Mustow Place Sitting Room Upstairs

Moving Day Mustow Pl

Moving Day Mustow Place

Moving Van

Moving Day

Moving Day Beam Me Up To The Container

Moving Day Boxes

Moving Day Eddie Van

Moving Day Van Postcard Crazy New

Soon, all our earthly possessions will be aboard a shipping container, crossing the Atlantic to the shores of the New World. We don’t know what will happen next on our new adventure, what people we’ll meet, or good times we’ll share. The only thing we know is that we couldn’t have picked a better place on the map to spend our time in London.

Long live the Green!

Kurobuta Chelsea

It’s been such a long week. I can barely look back and recognize this seemingly-happy person who was about to have the best Japense junk food dinner ever!


Kurobuta is located at two hundred & fifty-one Kings Road in Chelsea. The first time I came here a few months ago, it was a pop-up run by an ex-Nobu chef who went hipster and hired a bunch of dudes with beards to serve his Japanese pub grub. It was awesome – just what SW3 needed.


The only thing different about this visit is now Kurobuta is now staying permanently!

Welcome (officially) to the neighborhood!


Now I will always have a joint nearby that serves Kirin with a frozen beer “head” on top.


And to enjoy the open kitchen where cookery becomes theatre. It’s fascinating watching the chefs cook and prep each dish as it comes out.



The sake selection is limited but there is always a new and intriguing label on offer. Our bottle went down a treat with a few of these rice crisps to nibble on as we prioritized our menu options.

Crunchy Rice Senbei Crisps with avocado-jalepeno dip

Crunchy Rice Senbei Crisps with avocado-jalepeno dip


We decided to start with more traditional Japanese choices – maki, seaweed salad, and sashimi.

Spicy Tuna Maki | rolled in tempura crunchies

Spicy Tuna Maki | rolled in tempura crunchies

Bowl of Hijiki (seaweed)

Bowl of Hijiki (seaweed)

Yellowtail Sashimi | Kizami wasabi salsa and yuzu soy

Yellowtail Sashimi | Kizami wasabi salsa and yuzu soy


Before going glam with some Wagyu sliders…

Wagyu Beef Sliders | steamed bun, crunchy onions, pickled cucumberand Umami mayo

Wagyu Beef Sliders | steamed bun, crunchy onions, pickled cucumberand Umami mayo

Then getting our hands (or rather, chopsticks) dirty with some insanely succulent BBQ chicken.

Free Range Chicken Kushi-Yaki with Japanese BBQ sauce

Free Range Chicken Kushi-Yaki with Japanese BBQ sauce

For desert, we mellowed out with our favorite cushy little rice pastry treats – mochi!!

Selection of Mochi

Selection of Mochi

And it’s official. I love Kurobuta and I’m so glad they are here to stay!

My Annual Haircut

I’m not a hair maintenance person. I get my hair styled no more than twice per year. I loved having long hair, but because I never fuss about it, over time it’s ended up looking totally exhausted. I could not bear the thought of getting to Easter and still having this boring, busted ‘do. So I booked in for my yearly hair repair at Hari’s.

ImageI’ve been coming here since I moved to London. It has two locations: the original on Brompton Road in South Kensington, and this one on King’s Road, which I like to think is the hipper, edgier one. This is a place I can come and surrender my hair with no anxiety about getting 5 inches chopped off  or worries that I did not explain exactly what style I’m after, because they never go wrong.


Check out the before…


And after!


I didn’t realise how long it had grown!


There’s no better feeling than breezing out of the salon feeling “light-headed” with the delicious fragrance of new products in your hair!


Hari’s uses Moroccanoil products. I may need to stock up on this stuff!