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Sunset Yoga on a Turkish Gulet

While in Turkey, I had the pleasure of meeting the nicest gal (and fellow American expat) whose daily yoga classes onboard the boat were one of the most rejuvenating parts of the experience!

Colby is a Manuka Life instructor in London, certified in yoga, private instruction and retreats. Her buoyant energy really served to invigorate the practice – and the soothing sway of the boat just added to the sessions.

Manuka happens to have a line of colorful, lightweight yoga wear that is some of the most comfy and flattering that I’ve ever tried. This Active Seamless Tee had me humming “Ommmm” as soon as I slipped it on! I am definitely going to check out their shop on New Kings Road for more of this collection.

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As the sun made its westerly decent into the hills, we unfurled our mats for a soothing sunset practice.

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One of my favorite benefits of yoga is that it promotes awareness of the body and breath. Breathing is a lot like a wave, rolling in as you inhale and flowing out as you exhale. To be on a yacht, rocking gently on the water, really emphasized that sensation.

Practicing yoga outdoors, I could smell and taste the sea with every breath. And rather than reaching for the ceiling or extending out toward a wall, I found myself gazing up at the emerging stars in the dusky sky and stretching for the brilliant glow of the sunset on the horizon.


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I savored and clutched every minute of this session – truly the most peaceful and relaxing yoga class I’ve ever had.

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Namaste! xx

Battersea Park 5.6k Race

Running is bad for you.  For real – new research out last year from the Mayo Clinic found that 1 in 10 marathon finishers showed scarring to their heart after the race. Over time, distance runners strain their cardiac muscles, putting them at increased risk of heart attack. There you have it – another reason I’m not big on running. There are others: it wrecks your knees and joints, it wreaks havoc on your skin, and am I the only one who has never experienced the “runner’s high”? There’s my two pence on running.

That said, it is bikini season and, with vacation approaching in a mere two weeks, only drastic measures will suffice to get me looking my poolside best. Plus, it’s for charity! The race took place in Battersea Park and raised money for WaterAid, a charity which provides safe water and improved sanitation to impoverished communities in 27 countries. It was a gorgeous afternoon, with plenty of sunshine and a cooling breeze. It was time to throw the caution of proven scientific research to the wind… and run!

Battersea Park

Battersea Park




Crossing the finish line!

Crossing the finish line!




Time to go home and lay on the sofa!