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Amante Beach Club, Ibiza

North of Ibiza town outside Cala Llonga there is a little cove in Sol d’en Serra. Above it sits the coolest, most laid-back spot to recover from a long weekend of partying – Amante Beach Club.

It’s a restaurant, it’s a bar, it’s a beachy clubhouse. The type of place you could spend all day – literally.

Amante Beach Club Lounge

Amante Beach Club Terrace

Amante Beach Club Planter

Walk through the lounge, past the terrace and out onto the weathered steps down to the bar. Beyond the railing, is a tidy little red-beach where sun loungers can be rented for 20€ per day; it’s best to call ahead and reserve them in advance because they go quickly.

Amante Beach Club Steps

Amante Beach Club Zebra Espadrilles

I scrambled down the sand-weathered steps as quickly as my espadrilles would carry me!

Amante Beach Club View

Amante Beach Club Bar

Amante Beach Club Cove

Amante Beach Club Loungers

I wiggled down in my sun lounger, unpacked my beachbag, and happily waited for drinks to be brought to us while soaking up the intermittent patches of sun.

Amante Beach Club Relaxing

Amante Beach Club Sun Lounger

Amante Beach Club Beach

It wasn’t long laying there listening to the lullaby of waves crashing on the cobbled shore before I nodded off for a mid-morning kip.

After stirring from my beauty sleep, we tottered down to the beach for a swim in the sea.

Amante Beach Club Rocky Swim

Amante Beach Club Ocean Swim

Eddie plunged right in, and paddled confidently out into the blue waters of the cove.

But I was too intimidated by the squishy heaps of sea kelp and the rocky shore to follow suit.

Amante Beach Club Shore

Plus, I wanted to stay dry for lunch.

We piled around the table, and it was clear who had the better seats.

Amante Beach Club Lunch Laughs

Amante Beach Club Lunch Boys

But the boys perked up when the food arrived…

Spinach salad with grilled prawn skewer

Spinach salad with grilled prawn skewer

… Although they had to protectively guard their Iberian ham croquettes from our trespassing hands sneaking in to swipe one.

Amante Beach Club Lunch Croquettas

Black cod Alaska glazed with teriyaki sauce and served with a wakame salad

Black cod Alaska glazed with teriyaki sauce and served with a wakame salad

To make it up to them, we shared our desserts – fluffy whipped citrus cheesecake, and a decadent chocolate ganache.

Amante Beach Club Lunch Cheesecake

Amante Beach Club Lunch Chocolate

Amante Beach Club Lunch View

We ordered a round of espresso martinis and carried on into the evening laughing and talking.

Amante Beach Club Lunch

Amante Beach Club Lunch Talking

Amante Beach Club Lunch Talking Table

Amante Beach Club Dusk

Until eventually it was so dark we struggled to see eachother across the table!

Amante Beach Club Lunch Dusk Cove

Amante Beach Club Moon

When the moon appeared, we crawled into a taxi and headed out into the Ibiza night.

St-Trop ’til I Drop

The port town of Saint-Tropez is a shopper’s heaven. There isn’t much to do there but shop. Oh, and gawk at the monster yachts moored in the marina. Did you know it’s in the top 5 of most expensive marinas in the world? Yep, docking here for the week costs a cool 20,000 euros.



I can’t shop on an empty stomach so first thing’s first – breakfast. La Tarte Tropézienne is a high-end patisserie with a stalwart presence around town. They are named after their signature pastry made famous by Brigitte Bardot whilst she was in town filming “And God Created Woman”, the picture that made her an international sex symbol. The main bakery on Place des Lices is a tony restaurant, perfect for a quality petit déjeuner.

la tarte



The original "Tarte Trapézienne" - Brigitte Bardot's favorite

The original “Tarte Trapézienne” – Brigitte Bardot’s favorite



Omelette au fromage

Omelette au fromage



Okay, time to hit the shops!

Espadrilles are a staple of any resort wardrobe, but they are practically compulsory on the Riviera. Perfect for slipping on and shuffling from the pool to the terrace, or home from the beach. Needless to say, they are everywhere in St-Tropez.


Chanel had this pair of bad boys for me to lust after.


Then I found a darling little boutique much more suited to my budget; L’Espadrille Tropézienne stocks a range of espadrilles with a modern twist and signature red rubber sole.


Love these funky hand-painted graffiti ones

Love this funky hand-painted graffiti pair


I did a bit more strolling around but after a few hours couldn’t cope with the rising heat so, like a seal, I had to slip away to find water. Can’t wait to post about the secluded beach I explored in the afternoon!


des Maures



Barcelona: Day 2

I woke up giddy on my next day in Barcelona. Stretched out in the immaculate ivory bedding I savored the sound of cups tinkling on the cafe tables below the open balcony, and the azure skies peeking though the sheer curtains. The city was calling me to come play!

The Barri Gòtic district is Barcelona’s historic center, its’ medieval streets brimming with artisanal shops and the occasional Roman ruins.


Milk is tucked away on tiny Carrer d’En Gignàs but you might recognize it by the queue outside; their Recovery Brunch is notorious among locals and fashionable travel guides.

B1Milk street



B1MilkBMThe Bloody Marys are topped with Estrella, the local beer.

B1MilkSalmSalmon benedict on chapatas

Milk is just a short stroll away through the Barceloneta district to the marina and beaches.




B1EspadrillesCheck out these adorable espadrilles found in the marina market




Pez Vela is relaxed-chic and perfect for a beachside tapas lunch. Situated under the giant sail-shaped W Hotel on Platja de Sant Sebastià, a terrace table on the weekend is out of the question without a reservation. The servers wear bright, sturdy aprons repurposed from old sails. A cold glass of Albarino in hand, the people-watching here is epic.




B1PVpaellaCooks preparing paella


B1PVclamsClams with tomato, chilli & basil

B1PVSaladHamTomato bread | Acorn-fed Iberico ham | Tomato, celery, artichokes & mahón cheese

P1020750Flan de la casa

It’s easy to while away an entire afternoon here, but I had an exciting occasion planned for the evening – an event that has alluded me the whole time I’ve been living in Europe. I was ready for some futbol! And where better to experience professional soccer at its zenith than at Camp Nou stadium, home of FC Barcelona?

B1MessiMessi takes the field…

B1Messi2And scores!

The stadium went mental!

When it gets late and about that time to get your cheeky drink on, shimmy down to Betty Ford’s for a cocktail. It’s on an edgy stretch of the artsy Carrer de Joaquín Costa. You might not recognize the Spanish television personalities and fashionistas who frequent here, but you will enjoy the playful decor and maybe even meet a new pal since everyone seems super-approachable and friendly.








B2BFcheekBeware – the cocktails are ridiculously strong!


The walk home – lots of love from Barcelona!