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Lomax Chelsea: Secret Spin Club

I’m not a fan of spinning. I’m not necessarily a fan of exercise itself for that matter. But when I hear there’s a secret club opening on Fulham Road, I’m there.

If the cover charge to get in means getting on a bike, so be it. I was dying to check out the Secret Spin Club at Lomax Chelsea.


I love the way fitness studios these days are cleaning up their act and trending toward becoming the sceney, club-like places people want to go to. Like the surge of London’s members-only nightclubs that charge an annual fee for the same indistinguishably predictable night out again and again, no one wants to subscribe to a gym for a year, be bored by April, and then have to concoct lame excuses to oneself to try to avoid going. What if – an inevitable if – someplace cooler pops up and I’d rather go there?

Lomax is that place. It’s also the long-awaited prescription to the luxury gym membership. It’s almost – dare I say it? – Americanized. It is simultaneously the place that democratically allows anyone to come and go as they please, and the place to which you keep coming back. It’s ingeniously devised. From street level, it’s a gourmet cafe which sits behind a two-story arched glass front. Serving nutritious, signature dishes packed with colourful superfoods, daily specials are splashed across the giant chalkboard behind the coffee bar, and stocked in neat cardboard packets in the open deli case to take away.


The equipment in the RealRyder spin studio certainly wasn’t the stationary bike I was expecting. This machine moves and steers like a real bike, requiring balance and core strength. The 45-minute class pumps to the throb of an energizing, urban soundtrack that I wasn’t sure I could tolerate at 7:30 in the morning, but two tracks in I was wishing I had my mobile in my back pocket so I could Shazam everything. The instructor was wicked – a word she uses a lot as she urges you through the routine, and which is totally fitting as she is wicked cool and the class is wicked hard.



When it’s all over, head to the locker room upstairs stocked with REN products. My singular gripe about Lomax is the £1 charge for a towel. I don’t carry change. Plus, after paying £30 per class that’s just really unpopular. Throw in the towel already! Seriously.


I had a sneaky peek around the rest of Lomax: personal training pods, a sunlit Reformer Pilates studio, and even a treatment clinic offering everything from sports physio to acupuncture to skincare.

lomaxspa lomaxpil


They are always running some tempting special offer on classes or healthy goodies, so pop by or book a class online.

My Annual Haircut

I’m not a hair maintenance person. I get my hair styled no more than twice per year. I loved having long hair, but because I never fuss about it, over time it’s ended up looking totally exhausted. I could not bear the thought of getting to Easter and still having this boring, busted ‘do. So I booked in for my yearly hair repair at Hari’s.

ImageI’ve been coming here since I moved to London. It has two locations: the original on Brompton Road in South Kensington, and this one on King’s Road, which I like to think is the hipper, edgier one. This is a place I can come and surrender my hair with no anxiety about getting 5 inches chopped off  or worries that I did not explain exactly what style I’m after, because they never go wrong.


Check out the before…


And after!


I didn’t realise how long it had grown!


There’s no better feeling than breezing out of the salon feeling “light-headed” with the delicious fragrance of new products in your hair!


Hari’s uses Moroccanoil products. I may need to stock up on this stuff!