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Little Chelsea Fish Market

Spring is abloom in London!

Redcliffe Square is dotted with pale pink blossoms. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and at long last I can go outside without a coat!

Redcliffe Sq Park

Redcliffe Square Blossoms

Redcliffe Square Balcony View

A pretty little day like this demands a stroll for lunch, and we found the perfect spot – the newly opened Little Chelsea Fish Market. They’ve only been in business for three weeks, but they’re already serving up a delicious seafood menu with fresh fish delivered daily from boats off the English coast.

Little Chelsea Fish Market Sign

LCFM Dining Room

The restaurant is bright and colourful, with an elegant swirl of jazz piano playing softly above.


LFCM Fish Stall

The menu changes with the seasons, but the daily catch and fresh organic ingredients are all on display. You can even pick your own salad, where you choose items from the shelf and the chef assembles your selections back in the kitchen!

LCFM Sea Bass

LCFM Vegetables Basket

While we waited for our first course to arrive, I slipped Eddie a little going-away present, Garden & Gun’s The Southerner’s Handbook. I figure he could do with some brushing up on the culture and customs of the American South before we arrive in Charleston.

LCFM Present

LCFM Southerners Guidebook

Our food arrived, and we didn’t waste time tucking right in!

Cucumber, rocket and ricotta salad

Cucumber, rocket and ricotta salad

Bolinhos de trout: fluffy trout and potato croquettes, honey aioli

Bolinhos de trout: fluffy trout and potato croquettes, honey aioli

Mushroom risotto, creamy arborio rice with wild mushrooms, herbs and grant padano

Mushroom risotto, creamy arborio rice with wild mushrooms, herbs and grant padano

Clam Linguini: black ink pasta with baby clams, white wine, garlic and coral butter

Clam Linguini: black ink pasta with baby clams, white wine, garlic and coral butter

LCFM Squid Ink Clam Pasta

LCFM Lunchtime Smile


A charming little restaurant – this place is a welcome addition to Hollywood Road. There’s a terrace out back which is sure to be a perfect spot for al fresco dining come spring and summer. Wishing them lots of success for the future!

Flower Power: Chelsea in Bloom

This past weekend brought the closing days of the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show.

Ladies love an opportunity to throw on a flowery frock, get gussied up, and spend an afternoon gasping at astonishing feats of gardening.

So why not pop by to experience all the hullabaloo!

cfs invite




cfs mums

cfs lily

cfs flower

Cfs bouquet

cfs begonia

cfs dubarry

cfs arrangement

It was so much fun wandering around through the stalls and vendor exhibits taking in all the cutesy fashions and accessories that people who garden would love!

cfs marigold

cfs greenhouse

cfs key tags

cfs tennis court

cfs roses

cfs candleabra

cfs cacti

After a walk around the grounds getting smooshed and bumped in the massive throng of crowds, it was time for a relaxed afternoon tea in the pavilion.


cfs tea


cfs victoria sponge

victoria sponge sign

cfs victoria sponge slice

We had the best seats in the house – out on the sunny balcony of the pavilion, where we could nibble cakes and scones, watching the eager crowds below.

cfs table

cfs dessert

After tea, we had a chance to chat with some of the Chelsea Pensioners who were on hand for the bell-ringing ceremony to close the show.

cfs pensioners

These retired servicemen and women live in barracks on the grounds of the Royal Hospital and are recognizable by their distinctive scarlet coats. They are a jolly bunch, and always add a distinguished air to ceremonial events.

cfs pensioner


A truly lovely time was had by all.

Hats off to the Chelsea Flower Show for putting on another incredible event!


Flower Crafting at Kate Spade

Last night Kate Spade New York invited me for an evening of sips, snacks and flower crafting with Wild at Heart to celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show.

Upon arriving at their Sloane Square boutique, I was absolutely wowed by their bespoke tropical floral window display.

This takes the term wallflowers to the extreme!

Kate Spade flowers

Inside, there were handsome gents waiting at the door offering tropical beachy drinks!

Kate Spade coconuts

Beverage in hand, I made my way over to where the action was – the floral crafting table!

The ladies from local florist Wild at Heart were on hand giving demos on botanical crafts.

Kate Spade floral

Kate Spade floral demo girls

Under their watchful instruction, I tried my hand at creating a blooming hair piece.

It was very intricate work – I now have a higher appreciation for all the craftsmanship going into my custom floral pieces for the wedding!

Kate Spade floral demo

Kate Spade floral demo comb

Kate Spade floral demo dress

Kate Spade floral demo drink

It looks like I may have taken a little inspiration from the bags on display in eye-popping tropical colors!

Kate Spade bags

After finishing my flowery creation, I was able to browse around sipping a delicious, slushy caipirinha.

Kate Spade Floral Sofa

Kate Spade Things We Love

Kate Spade sofa

And before heading off to dinner, just one more peek at that window display!

Kate Spade outside

Kate Spade outside floral

The buzz around Sloane Square for the Chelsea Flower Show is infectious at the moment. I loved seeing all the shops with their own floral creations on display adding to the excitement.

We spotted a maze in the square and couldn’t contain our childish impulse to have a run through it.


Maze Girl

Truly an a-maze-ing experience!

Now time to be good adults, and go to dinner with other grown-ups.


Buckingham St James

And so we headed off across St James Park as dusk drew close. We will have to wait another day to come out and play again.

Hen Do Tea Party

I cannot believe my wedding is in 5 weeks!

All the RSVPs are in, the honeymoon is booked, and I’ve had my final dress fitting. Time to relax, spend the weekend pampering myself with spa treatments, and meditating about wedded bliss.

Oh, wait a minute – not if my girlfriends have anything to do with it!

The big day that I thought would never happen is finally here:

My bachelorette party!

Saturday began with my darling friend Lia (isn’t she darling?) grabbing me for a shopping date and bistro lunch.




A happy little salad and two happy bloody marys, then darling Lia hailed a cab and whisked me off to a secret destination in Soho…

Which turned out to be Dean Street Townhouse – where all my chirpy chickies were waiting to surprise me for my hen do afternoon tea!

How jolly British!


I was so happy to see all of my hens – especially one who had just fluttered over from the US!



What wedding diet?

Let the bride eat cake!


And sip tea!




A spiffing afternoon with the ladies!

After tea, the girls kindly accompanied me home to mine – where the scene was set with fairylights and candles, a cheese board, and lots and lots of bubbly!



I donned my festival-themed accessories and shimmied into something a little more rock chic for the evening ahead.

Which was mainly drinking lots of champers and cuddling.







Eventually, we prowled out into the London nightlife scene – kicking things off at our first stop, Maggie’s.

(Which was essentially like partying at home because this little 80’s club has been my bunker since I was just a Chelsea newbie).

I marched in and took the reigns – or drumsticks, in this case…






I can’t show you more because us rockstar gals like to keep a low profile on our nights out.

But suffice it to say, with friends as gorgeous as this, it was quite a mischievous night carousing until dawn.

Oops, I guess that’s what happens when the hens fly the coop!

Kurobuta Chelsea

It’s been such a long week. I can barely look back and recognize this seemingly-happy person who was about to have the best Japense junk food dinner ever!


Kurobuta is located at two hundred & fifty-one Kings Road in Chelsea. The first time I came here a few months ago, it was a pop-up run by an ex-Nobu chef who went hipster and hired a bunch of dudes with beards to serve his Japanese pub grub. It was awesome – just what SW3 needed.


The only thing different about this visit is now Kurobuta is now staying permanently!

Welcome (officially) to the neighborhood!


Now I will always have a joint nearby that serves Kirin with a frozen beer “head” on top.


And to enjoy the open kitchen where cookery becomes theatre. It’s fascinating watching the chefs cook and prep each dish as it comes out.



The sake selection is limited but there is always a new and intriguing label on offer. Our bottle went down a treat with a few of these rice crisps to nibble on as we prioritized our menu options.

Crunchy Rice Senbei Crisps with avocado-jalepeno dip

Crunchy Rice Senbei Crisps with avocado-jalepeno dip


We decided to start with more traditional Japanese choices – maki, seaweed salad, and sashimi.

Spicy Tuna Maki | rolled in tempura crunchies

Spicy Tuna Maki | rolled in tempura crunchies

Bowl of Hijiki (seaweed)

Bowl of Hijiki (seaweed)

Yellowtail Sashimi | Kizami wasabi salsa and yuzu soy

Yellowtail Sashimi | Kizami wasabi salsa and yuzu soy


Before going glam with some Wagyu sliders…

Wagyu Beef Sliders | steamed bun, crunchy onions, pickled cucumberand Umami mayo

Wagyu Beef Sliders | steamed bun, crunchy onions, pickled cucumberand Umami mayo

Then getting our hands (or rather, chopsticks) dirty with some insanely succulent BBQ chicken.

Free Range Chicken Kushi-Yaki with Japanese BBQ sauce

Free Range Chicken Kushi-Yaki with Japanese BBQ sauce

For desert, we mellowed out with our favorite cushy little rice pastry treats – mochi!!

Selection of Mochi

Selection of Mochi

And it’s official. I love Kurobuta and I’m so glad they are here to stay!

Chelsea Physic Garden

After all the rain and record flooding plaguing England this month, the bashful sun finally peeking out was a welcome excuse to get outdoors! I decided to be a tourist in my own backyard, and paid a visit to the Chelsea Physic Garden. Tucked discreetly behind old brick walls facing the Chelsea Embankment, it’s the oldest botanic garden in London. And it swings open it’s gates for one week only in winter – to showcase the February blooms of the snowdrops!




Snowdrops are winter flowering plants with delicate white blossoms. They are symbolic as blithe little harbingers of spring. There are dozens of varieties on display during Snowdrop Days – along the Snowdrop trail, and for sale in nursery.



There's even "Grumpy" snowdrops!

There are even “Grumpy” snowdrops!

There are also multiple greenhouses around the grounds, including a restored Victorian fern house.






Asteraceae, Olearia Nummulariifolia, New Zealand

Asteraceae, Olearia Nummulariifolia, New Zealand



Founder, Dr. Hans Sloane

Founder, Dr. Hans Sloane (1660-1753)

The Curator's House

The Curator’s House






Boranginaceae, Echium Bethencourtianum, Canary Islands

Boranginaceae, Echium Bethencourtianum, Canary Islands

Crassulaceae, Aeonium Castello-Paivae, Canary Islands

Crassulaceae, Aeonium Castello-Paivae, Canary Islands

Who knew so many verdant species of flora and fauna were thriving in this bleak chilly cityscape? The cold air was pricking my skin and burning my nose, so I had to dash to a cosy little pub around the corner for a warmer-upper. A wonderfully wintery day in the neighborhood!



A girls night was long overdue and we all needed someplace a little irreverent and fun. If you’re looking for a lively place to start your next night out, I say book a table at Nikita’s in Chelsea. Ours was more like a private enclosed booth, but with the curtain open we could peep out into the dining room. The crowd here is full of pep and ready to frolic!

Nikita’s has an impressive list of house made vodkas – the carafes come chilled Ice Age-style in a block of ice. A few frosty glasses and we were singing along (well, sort of) to nostalgic Soviet ballads played by our new Russian pal – and one hell of a tenor. He sure could belt one out!







Tuesdays are 50% off food if you book online, and Wednesdays you get free carafe of vodka with any food order. You can’t beat it, so join them!