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World Cup England Game

I don’t know if you’ve heard but the World Cup has started.

And to anyone outside of America, it’s a pretty big deal.

I don’t know much about soccer, but I love sports. So I donned my England colors, and we headed off into to the mysterious world of North London to meet friends and watch the match.

Red and White England

Feeling Lucky Clutch

World Cup Face Paint

The weather was divine, so we sat outside and chatted over Italian cocktails in the garden.

World Cup Garden Rose

World Cup Garden Friends

World Cup Cocktail

World Cup Girls

World Cup Laughs

I was happy to see that the pre-game ritual in England is identical to that at home in America – the barbeque!

World Cup BBQ

We threw a few patties on the grill and fired it up, filling the garden with the savory brume of barbeque smoke.

World Cup Burger

Our tummies full, it was time to put our game faces on.

Our England game faces.

World Cup Cheer

Though I think someone was channeling Braveheart…

World Cup Facepaint

There is nothing like the zeal of a dedicated football fan.

World Cup Score

Although the Three Lions lost the match, it was an evening filled with yummy food and drinks, beloved friends, and the furor of World Cup football – all things the English do best.

Richmond Park


Even city slickers like me have an inherent need for nature now and then. Concrete and grime, screeching trains, and congested sidewalks often wear me out – and I have to hightail it for a grassy little patch in the country. Today I went on an urban safari – in Richmond Park. Pedalling around the landscape, I encountered swans, deer, horses and plenty of doggies romping through the open pastures. It’s easy to forget you are on the outskirts of London – until you pass a clearing and catch a glimpse of the Shard in the distance.









After working up an appetite cruising around all afternoon, I was desperate for a bite to eat. The Victoria gastropub in nearby Sheen is a local favorite and we could smell the fragrant outdoor barbecue as we arrived. Sitting in the sunny conservatory overlooking the patio, we feasted on a selection of chargrilled grub before heading home for an evening deciphering the Sunday crossword.



King prawns a la plancha | garlic, parsley & lemon butter

King prawns a la plancha | garlic, parsley & lemon butter

Summer special spiced lamb burger | tomato chilli jam, tzatziki

Summer special spiced lamb burger | tomato chilli jam, tzatziki


Chocolate mousse | honeycomb & chocolate crumble

Chocolate mousse | honeycomb & chocolate crumble

London is sweetest in the summer!