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Tying the Knot: A Nautical Maryland Wedding

The most spectacular setting for a nautical wedding was a dazzling day in June on the immaculate waterfront grounds of the Inn at Perry Cabin. Located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, it is a venue that oozes classic American style and relaxed luxury.

Organizing a wedding from London was not without its challenges, but we were thrilled to see so many long-imagined details come together on the day.

And the weather was just like I planned it – perfect.





Custom Calligraphy Wedding Program by Laura Lavender

Custom Calligraphy Wedding Program by Laura Lavender

Silvery Seashell Ring Holder from BHLDN

Silvery Seashell Ring Holder from BHLDN

Something old was my mother’s veil. With it’s delicate emboidered flowers, the vintage double blusher went perfectly with the leather appliqued straps on my gown. It was meant-to-be.

Something new was my dress – a summery organza number by Valentino.

Something borrowed was a glittering pair of earrings borrowed from a newlywed best friend. I nervously brought them all the way from London to make sure I had plenty of sparkle power coming down the aisle.

Something blue (besides my sapphire ring, of course) was a delicate bracelet with a chic and simple blue charm, a last-minute gift from a bridesmaid.

And, by all means, the obligatory silver sixpence for my shoe!










My gorgeous gal pals

My gorgeous gal pals






Custom Nautical Wedding by Paperless Post

Custom Nautical Wedding Menu by Paperless Post

Sailboat Placecards by Third Cloud to the Left on Etsy

Sailboat Placecards by Third Cloud to the Left on Etsy

Nautical custom favor bags by Paper Source

Nautical custom favor bags by Paper Source

Hobnail cake by Sweet Hearts Patisserie, Annapolis

Hobnail cake by Sweet Hearts Patisserie, Annapolis

Sail & Anchor Wedding Cake Fork Set via Fancy

Sail & Anchor Wedding Cake Fork Set via Fancy

The setting, and the day itself, felt so effortless and surreal.

In fact, it was perfect.


Mr. Scene didn’t want to be seen in this post, but I can promise you he looked marvelous, darling!

A big thank you to the team at The Inn at Perry Cabin and our wonderful officiant, the honorable William A. Potts, Sr.

Happily ever after to follow.

Shop and Chop

Two weeks to go until we jet to America for our nuptials, and another weekend closer to ticking all the boxes of our pre-wedding checklist.

This weekend it was gift shopping and my pre-wedding hair cut!

There was really only one place that would do for all the gifts to our wedding attendants – a place very dear to me, which has a very special story – The Victoria & Albert Museum.

V&A front

V&A road

When Queen Victoria got married in February 1840, she wrote in her journal: “I felt so happy when the ring was put on, and by my precious Albert.”

She went on to recount it as the happiest day of her life.

“He clasped me in his arms, and we kissed each other again and again! His beauty, his sweetness and gentleness – really how can I ever be thankful enough to have such a Husband!”

Victoriaandalbertwedding photo

I think her notes about her special day are quite romantic considering the English monarchy are usually known for their restraint and “stiff upper lip” – and this was during austere Victorian times!

Victoria and Albert’s marriage was the beginning of an enduring love story.

Likewise, the museum dedicated to the couple has also endured a lot. The building still bears visible scars from the Blitz of World War II.


The pockmarked damage on the walls caused by shrapnel from the bombs was left as a memorial to the enduring values of the museum.


According to the V&A’s mission statement, it aims to be the world’s leading museum of art and design.

And therefore, a totally appropriate place to pop in and shop for my wedding!

V&A telephone booth

V&A stairs bag

The V&A Shop is amazing for finding unique gifts to suit all ages and pockets – and I easily came away with a couple of hefty bags filled with booty.

V&A bag

After the buzz of a successful shop, it was time to hit the salon and relax.

I’m flat out obsessed with Paul Edmonds salon at the moment. Just steps away from the V&A on Old Brompton Road, it couldn’t have been more convenient. I wasn’t going to get a haircut before the wedding, but everyone kept telling me I had to. So I caved in and booked a trim and a blowout with Emma. So glad I did, because she was a doll.. who did a total makeover on my hair.

Here’s the before (wince):

Paul Edmonds Har before

First, Emma hooked me up with a freshly-pressed veggie detox juice from the menu.

Paul Edmonds menu

Paul Edmonds green juice

Then the wash, after which Emma applied a Kérastase hair mask. Can I just say, I’ve never had a more relaxing head massage? Maybe it’s my stressful life as a bride-to-be, but I swear reclining in that shampoo chair was the first time my mind’s felt clear all week!

Back in the styling chair, after a few snips and quick dry, wonders had been worked on my hair. And I somehow ended up walking out like this:

Paul Edmonds Hair after

Paul Edmonds after

Knightsbridge Egerton crescent

And so I had a bounce in my curls, as well as my step, as I made my way through Knightsbridge that afternoon.

Hair outdoors Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge Hair

Knightsbridge hair back

Getting more and more wedding-ready by the day!

Post on my fitness regimen next! xx



Lomax 3-Day Juice Cleanse

I’ve never been one to shy away from extremes. So after my hen weekend, it seemed only fitting to embark on a detoxifying 3-day juice cleanse.

How it works: For three days, I replace all meals with cold-pressed organic juices.

The idea is to give my digestive system a rest, allow my liver to repair itself and my body to shed toxins.

The days before I started the cleanse, I ate super-healthy meals. My last meal was a from a newly launched nutritional brand called Vereo. They promote a concept of wellbeing by offering healthy balanced dishes designed by their Michelin trained development chef, for busy people on the go.




The last food to pass my lips was fresh, healthy and delicious, and prepared me to start my cleanse the next day.

Okay, bring on the juices!

I chose the Lomax Cleanse. The juices must be picked up each day from their cafe on Fulham Road in Chelsea. Each day I had five juices – three main ones, with two in between to keep me going.



Here I go with the first juice of day 1!


During the cleanse, I was instructed to drink lots and lots of water. Coffee and alcohol are prohibited, but green and herbal teas are allowed. I drank many, many cups of Pukka’s Detox blend.





Three days went by so much faster than I expected. The only side effects I can report were feeling a little weak at times, and unusually cold a lot of the time!

The benefits were increased alertness, feeling light and healthy – and by the end – a way flatter tummy!

I even felt I could go longer than three days. But it was nice to get back to real food, which I eased back into with a few days of raw veg – like this salad with miso dressing from Le Pain Quotidien.



I will definitely be doing this cleanse again before the wedding to get me in healthy and balanced bridal form!

But I think I’ll save it for another rainy day down the road…





Thanks to my brother for the awesome Maryland flag umbrella!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!