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There are so many great road trips in the South. It seems like all we need to do is cover our eyes and pick and spot on the map. Ever since we moved down here, I’ve had Georgia on my mind. So this weekend we put the top down and headed for the border – to Savannah!

Savannah Wright Square

Savannah Scottish Rite Temple

Savannah Sqaure Statue

The first thing you’ll notice about Savannah is its design. It’s one of the greenest cities I’ve ever seen, thanks to its vast network of squares. Every few blocks you’ll come across one – vibrantly landscaped and draped in Spanish moss. These squares were once used for communal purposes – fetching water, baking bread, hosting celebrations, even a place to gather livestock.

Everywhere you look, it’s green!

Savannah Jasmine Arch

Savannah Horse Drawn Carriage

Savannah Barber

Savannah has so much American charm, it’s silly! A real effort has been made here to preserve some of the old way of life – like this barber shop, where you can still get a haircut and shoe shine.

This place is really famous for its antique shops. There are over 35 of them within walking distance, and we set off to explore a few of the best.

Savannah Everett and Cobb Antiques and Interiors Sign

Savannah Everett and Cobb Antiques and Interiors

Savannah Everett and Cobb Antiques and Interiors Display

Our favourite was Alex Raskin Antiques on Bull Street. It’s located within the gilded Italianate Noble Hardee Mansion. Overlooking Forsyth Square, it’s four stories of completely unrestored architecture. This building has not been touched in years, it creaks and groans and it’s covered in a thin veneer of dust, but the antiques covering the 12,000 square feet inside it are incredible!

Savannah Raskin Antiques Outside Exterior

Savannah Raskin Antiques Interior

Savannah Raskin Antiques Old Gilt Frames

Savannah Raskin Antiques Interior Hallway

I’ve never seen so many American and European antiques in one place.

Savannah Raskin Antiques Bits

Savannah Raskin Antiques Chests

Everything is for sale, even if there’s no price tag. Alex roams around the store and is on hand if you need a quote on anything. He has lived in Savannah most of his life, travelling the world going to estate sales and auctions, and filling this mansion with historic treasures. It was such a cool experience wandering all the rooms in here, tightly packed with wonderful finds.

Savannah Raskin Antiques Waring Painting

Savannah Raskin Antiques Old Vintage Black and White Portraits Victorian

After we had explored every nook of the building, it was time to hit the road back to Charleston. On our way out of town, we passed the Carolina Cider Company roadside stand. It was a nice excuse to stop and stretch our legs, plus check out all the local goods for sale. It was like walking into a Southern granny’s pantry – wall-to-wall jars of canned goods, jams, pickles, relishes, and cider.

Roadside Stand Carolina Cider Company Historic Country Store

Roadside Stand

Roadside Stand Carolina Cider Company Historic Country Store Wall of Jars

Roadside Stand Carolina Cider Company Historic Country Store Jars Grits

Roadside Stand Carolina Cider Company Cotton Wreath

They sold boiled peanuts, so I scooped a pot of the Cajun-flavoured ones. And then we set off into the low country.

Roadside Stand Carolina Cider Company Historic Country Store Boiled Peanuts

Tomotely Plantation Drive Mossy Oaks

We stopped just a while later outside of Beaufort, to see the Old Sheldon Church ruins. It was an old church built in the 1700s and burnt by the (you guessed it!) British during the Revolutionary War. It was rebuilt, only to be burned again during the Civil War. The ruins are ghostly, eerie – but so serene. It’s hard to describe.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Old Sheldon Church Ruins Front

Old Sheldon Church Ruins Spanish Moss

Old Sheldon Church Ruins Arch

Old Sheldon Church Ruins Sunny Moss

Old Sheldon Church Ruins Wall

We stayed here a while, enjoying the golden evening light and eating our boiled peanuts. Then we quietly walked back to the car, and hopped back on the country road home.

BBQ and Antiquing in Winchester, Virginia

Historic Winchester, Virginia has a rich past; from its origins as an early European settlement, it has endured through the French and Indian War, the American Revolutionary War, and the American Civil War – a lot of conflict for one tiny little town!

We rolled through on a sunny spring day and pulled in to check it out.

Winchester Virginia Old Town

Winchester Red Fire Truck

Winchester Historic Main Street

Winchester Virginia Town Hall

Winchester Union Bank Bar

The colors of the Union Jack flag caught our eye, and we couldn’t resist stopping for the familiar taste of a British ale.

Winchester Virginia Union Jack Pub

Winchester Virginia Union Bank Beers

Someone fulfilled a boyhood dream of owning a pair of authentic American cowboy boots…

I have to say, the western flair is hardly detectable under trousers (or, you know, Wranglers) and I’m not complaining about the extra height it gives a guy either!

Men's Cowboy Boots Brown Leather Stitching

Bonnie Blue is the local bakery and market and they do a mean Texas-style barbeque menu. We spotted it on the corner long after the scent of pulled pork and smoked brisket caught our noses. It’s a real American menu, bacon cheddar biscuits on the counter, and bottles of soda pop in the fridge!

Winchester Virginia Bonnie Blue Lunch

Winchester Virginia Bonnie Blue BBQ Entrance

Winchester Virginia Bonnie Blue Pig Door

Winchester Virginia Bonnie Blue Menu

Winchester Virginia Bonnie Blue Cheddar Bacon Biscuit

Winchester Virginia Bonnie Blue Interior American Flag BBQ

We sampled the beef brisket, the crab cake and the pulled pork barbeque sandwich – piled up with sides all around – then sat outside on picnic table in the sun enjoying our vittles.

Winchester Virginia Bonnie Blue Beef Brisket BBQ

Winchester Virginia Bonnie Blue Crab Cake Cole Slaw Greens

Winchester Virginia Bonnie Blue Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich

Dan's Antiques

We stopped a little way out of town in Augusta, West Virginia at Dan’s Antiques for a little roadside bargain hunting.

A big red barn of curiosities, we scoured the rows of dusty shelves, turning over old trinkets and browsing interesting antiques.

Dan's Antiques Finds Flag

I found a neat brass box with a nautical motif and a very cool old oyster can that I plan to put on the kitchen counter and store utensils in.

Dan's Antiques Brass Box Oyster Can

Dan's Antiques Oyster Can

Dan's Antiques Sitting Outside Porch

And so, the American road trip continues…

Eddie's Tires Berkeley Springs


And we’re loving every detail along the way!

Petersham Nurseries Candlelit Carols

Petersham Nurseries is one of the gems of suburban London. It’s not your typical garden center – it’s possibly the chicest, bohemian greenhouse wonderland I’ve ever encountered.

The vast grounds near Richmond were saved from developers by an Italian businessman and his Aussie wife, and they’ve since redesigned the gardens, opened a Michelin star restaurant, a rustic teahouse, and a vast garden shop full of salvaged homewares, antique furniture and vintage garden décor.

And it happens to be the premier place in town to rekindle that old-fashioned Christmas spirit!

Petersham Nurseries Teahouse

The event was a candlelit evening of Christmas carols and shopping!

Petersham Nurseries Shop

As we entered the packed dirt-floored nursery, we were handed a ticket for a free cup of mulled wine. Crumbly mince pies were also on hand to nibble as a group of singers from Barnes Choir filled the café with the beautiful harmony of Christmas carols.

Petersham Nurseries Mulled Wine Ticket

Petersham Nurseries Carols Mulled Wine Mince Pie

Petersham Nurseries Carols Sip

Petersham Nurseries Carols Santa

Petersham Nurseries Carollers

Petersham Nurseries Carols Tree

Petersham Nurseries Carols

The space was heaving with fir trees and berries, shiny red baubles, and twinkling fairy lights – it was a magical Christmas dreamland!

Petersham Nurseries Shop Plants

Still humming “Jingle Bells”, we wandered around perusing the shop! My eyes didn’t know which way to look first – left or right, up or down. Every inch of the place was covered in vintage prints, gilded mirrors, antique chandeliers, homemade wreaths, scented candles and soaps, and heaps of Christmas ornaments.

Petersham Nurseries Shop Walls

Petersham Nurseries Shopping

Petersham Nurseries Shop Putti

Petersham Nurseries Shop Baubles

Petersham Nurseries Shop Crocuses

Petersham Nurseries Shop Mirror Reflection

Petersham Nurseries Shop Hobnail Pitcher

Petersham Nurseries Shop Baubles Tree

This shop is one of my top recommendations for finding unique Christmas gifts!

And I couldn’t pick a place with more charming Christmas cheer.

Broughton Castle

British people have a saying, “An Englishman’s home is his castle.” The phrase is taken to mean that everyone has the right to do as they please within their own home, and no one can enter a dwelling without invitation. On a weekend trip up to the Cotswolds, we stopped in to see one of the finest private moated manor houses in the country, Broughton Castle.

Located outside of Banbury and made of magnificent golden honey limestone, the core of the house dates from 1306. It has been home to the Fiennes family since the 1400s, and has appeared on-screen in films such as Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love (1998) and Jane Eyre (2011).

The owners open the house and grounds to the public on select days of the year, and we seized the invitation to have a poke around.

Broughton Castle Entrance

The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse

Broughton Castle Outside

Broughton Castle Landscape

Broughton Castle Shells Window

Broughton Castle Viscount Falkland Portrait

I have to admit it’s a bit weird roaming around a complete stranger’s home – no matter how magnificent. However, the interior is so perfectly cared for and preserved, it feels rather like a museum. As I became more and more lost in the details and grandeur of each room, I began to forget the sense that I was somehow intruding.

Armor on display in The Great Hall

Armor on display in The Great Hall

Broughton Castle Great Parlour Wallpaper BUST

Ornate Plaster Ceiling in The Great Parlour

Ornate Plaster Ceiling in The Great Parlour

Broughton Castle Bedroom Dragon

Broughton Castle Portraits

Breezing through the drafty stone corridors, and up the creaky wooden staircase to the long carpeted gallery filled with art and antiques, we amusedly nosed around the historic chamber rooms.

Broughton Castle Bedroom Wallpaper Chair

I freaked for this gorgeous wallpaper in the King’s Chambers, hand-painted in China with impressive detail in the 1800s.

Broughton Castle Bedroom Wallpaper

We were even permitted to climb out on the roof and look down over the luscious green landscaping and gardens.

Broughton Castle Roof

Broughton Castle Roof Panama

Broughton Castle Roof Shot

Broughton Castle Garden

The last room to see was the Oak Room, an opulently panelled drawing-room with an oak interior porch put up by William, the 1st Viscount.

Broughton Castle Sitting Room Doorway

Broughton Castle Sitting room fireplace

Broughton Castle Sitting Room Books

Broughton Castle Sitting Room Door

The Oak Room led out into a perfectly coiffed garden with neatly manicured box hedges and a smattering of pastel pink roses.

Broughton Castle Outside Garden

Broughton Castle Outside Garden Looking

Broughton Castle Outside Garden Arch

Broughton Castle Outside Garden Bench House

Broughton Castle Outside Garden Bench

Broughton Castle Outside House

Broughton Castle Outside Walking

Broughton Castle Outside Side View

Broughton Castle Outside Side Walking

We weren’t the only ones roaming the grounds on this beautiful day!

Broughton Castle Cows

Broughton Castle Cow

An udderly amoo-sing day in the country!

Thank you to the owners of this remarkable property for letting us have a captivating peek inside.

Falling for Chiswick

This weekend I solemnly packed away my summer clothes and began to sort through piles of wooly knitwear. I can’t deny that telltale nip in the air any longer – it’s officially fall!

I layered up and went for an afternoon stroll through Chiswick – browsing the shops on the way to lunch. There’s something about the onset of autumn that gives me the urge to nest – and I love the range of design boutiques around Chiswick High Road.

Me Me2 High St Bus Franca

High Road Auctions have weekly sales at their Chiswick showroom – and the preview days at the weekends make for inspirational bargain hunting grounds. It’s a wonderland of antique furniture and accessories – I had to be dragged away to make our lunch reservation.


La Trompette has been on my to-do list for practically all of 2013, but I’m only now getting round to giving it a go.  I’m loving everything about this place – the whimsical little side street it’s on, the gregarious hostess whisking my jacket off to the coat room, the bouncy cushioned booth piled with silk pillows, an expertly spiced Bloody Mary so rich and savory I would’ve sworn it had beef stock in it… And that’s all before the food even arrives!

TrompExt TrompExt2 Tromp10 Tromp11


Tortelloni of suckling pig with secreto, turnips, barbeque dressing and bacon foam

Tortelloni of suckling pig with secreto, turnips, barbeque dressing and bacon foam

Breast and thigh of guinea fowl with Jerusalem artichokes, salsify, figs, trompettes and fresh chestnuts

Breast and thigh of guinea fowl with Jerusalem artichokes, salsify, figs, trompettes and fresh chestnuts

Tromp4 Tromp5 Tromp6

Tromp12 Tromp7

Banana soufflé with pain d'espices ice cream

Banana soufflé with pain d’espices ice cream

Tromp9 Tromp12.5 Tromp13

This place had me feeling positively giddy (read: goofy) by the time coffee came. This was by far one of the best Sunday lunches I’ve had in London – and I’ve had a few!