The Seldom Scene

Perhaps you have noticed (or maybe you haven’t!) that I took a little break from writing over the past few months.

Although lots of exciting things have happened so far this year, I’ve been quite busy.

Much in part to this little chap!

Silver Cross

Say hello to Lucas!

At the beginning of the year, just before this little one came along, we moved house. Again! We now call Beaufort, South Carolina home. It’s a sleepy Lowcountry coastal town between Charleston and Savannah. We adore our neighbourhood, the outdoor lifestyle, and the weather. But it’s a bit, shall we say, ho hum.

Trio front porch 2

Thankfully, we have enough on our hands to keep us more than occupied!

Lucas quilt

June 26 Luc Blanket

June 26 Mama Luc

He’s a handful, but we’re so happy to have him along for the ride!

June 26 ford truck

The adventures continue soon…


5 thoughts on “The Seldom Scene

  1. Trey

    Hello. Congrats, BTW. I commented on one of your older posts with the Maryland Flag Umbrella. We are looking for social media photographic images that feature the Maryland Flag to consider for a Maryland Lottery TV Commercial and ran across the images of you in England.

    We would really like to use one of these images and if it makes the final cut you will receive a small stipend.

    Can you please contact me at 410-332-4070 ext.100 or reply here or via email ( so that we can discuss this further?

  2. william Potts

    I must have spent days trying to find you old e-mail addresses, searching Museums to see if you worked there, tried to get your fathers #, Eddies e-mail. Needless to say was a bit worried as I had no good e-mail. He is adorable Congratulations and send me your e-mail You have no idea how relieved I feel

  3. Anonymous

    Congratulations. Your baby boy is beyond adorable. You must be so happy and proud. I’ve been following your posts ever since you were in London. Still devoted…



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