Lunch at The Wild Rabbit, Kingham

Britain suffered the coldest August bank holiday on record this year.

To many, a perfect excuse to ball up under a warm throw and indulge in a Netflix marathon…

But not I!

I couldn’t bear the thought of a squandering a day off doing nothing. So I threw on my slicker and hit the Cotswolds country roads!

Cotswolds Landscape Sheep

Cotwolds Cottage

Cotswolds Rainy Landscape

We had lunch in my most favorite village, Kingham, at the Daylesford pub venture “The Wild Rabbit.”

Wild Rabbit Pub Front

Wild Rabbit Rear

Wild Rabbit Pub Fireplace

Wild Rabbit Dining Room

Wild Rabbit Table Bread

Wild Rabbit Bloody Mary

Wild Rabbit Bloody Mary Sip

Once I had my bloody mary in hand, I was all smiles.

Though someone was less than impressed to have been dragged out in this weather…

Wild Rabbit Date

Not much choice on the menu, but everything we ordered was delightful.

Bruschetta; smashed broad beans, whipped goat's curd, ham

Bruschetta; smashed broad beans, whipped goat’s curd, ham

Lentil salad with gorgonzola and red onion

Lentil salad with gorgonzola and red onion

Wild Rabbit Lentil Salad

Wild Rabbit Chips Staub

After lunch, I literally had to tug my squire by the sleeve to accompany me on a little walk around the village. He hates wet weather. But I think England is romantic in the rain.

Wild Rabbit Pub Porch

Wild Rabbit Pub Porch Point

Kingham town

Scampering under the drizzle, we made our way to the village church and had a contemplative moment inside.

Kingham Church Path

Kingham Church Gatre

Kingham Church

Kingham Church Side

During the Middle Ages, the Cotswolds enjoyed a booming wool trade and the area became very prosperous. As a result, there are many handsome churches dotted around the countryside built of this yellow Jurassic limestone. I can’t get over how dignified and sumptuous it looks!

Kingham Church Doors

Kingham Church Coat

We hid out in the dusty old church, escaping the rain for a while.

When it reduced to a sprinkle, we dashed back to the car, and whizzed home to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea.


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