Pasta Night at Enoteca Turi

So I’ve got a secret little place in Putney. Somewhere I like to sneak away to on occasion. When we want a quiet night.

And a big bowl of pasta!

All we have to do is hop on the bus for a few stops to get there.

Black Door

Unsurprisingly, it’s raining. So I ducked for cover on a neighbor’s threshold to wait for the big, red double-decker.

Black Door Side

While those better suited to the weather bravely withstood the annoying drizzle.


Seated on the upper deck, we gaped at the new gold bands on our ring fingers as the bus breezed over Putney Bridge.

Putney Bridge


Putney Bridge Side

Within minutes, we had arrived at our destination – our favorite local Italian spot, Enoteca Turi.

Enoteca Entrance

This place makes us happy.

Enoteca Couple

It’s unassuming, cosy, and serves some of the best regional Italian cuisine I can think of in London.

As the wine expert carefully considered the long list of reds, I buried my nose in the menu to make some weighty decisions.

Enoteca Menu

We both ordered the same – new season asparagus with parmesan-coated deep-fried egg.

Enoteca Asparagus

And then the same, again – pappardelle with neck of lamb slow-cooked in red wine with taggiasche olives and a touch of tomato.

Enoteca Ragu

A meal so delicious and satisfying we took our time idly toddling back home.

Putney Bridge lights

Over the bridge we went, gazing at the dark, syrupy scenes of dusk over the Thames.

A wistful return to London, feeling glad to be back.


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