Sunday Stroll & The Thomas Cubitt

On Sunday, London experienced the warmest day since October 26th last year! The sun was out,  the temperature had spiked up to nearly 70°, and we were bumbling around Sloane Square enjoying the weather.


We made our way to Belgravia where we scored a coveted table at The Thomas Cubitt outside in the sun.

Take a tip from me – ask for one of the three tables on the mews along the side of the restaurant. They are just as good for sun and people-watching as the ones out front on Elizabeth Street, but with way more privacy and without the constant rumble of traffic that totally ruins a meal.



We stuck to script and ordered our Sunday usual – bloody mary and oysters.


Carlingford rock oysters with shallot dressing

Carlingford rock oysters with shallot dressing



For my main, I got a big huge beast of a salad – grilled cornfed chicken, broccoli, avocado, celery and chickpeas with a Colston Basset Stilton dressing.



I think this place is one of my favorite pubs in London. The excellent food and location goes without saying, but it’s the stellar service that puts this neighborhood watering hole at the tiptop of my list (or, um, blog).

Now back to the streets and my Sunday stroll through this fine city!



This is getting me in the mood for more springtime hijinks!


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