Hari’s Parsons Green

I’ve been going to Hari’s on the King’s Road since I moved to London. So I was overjoyed when they opened a new salon in Parsons Green just in time for my yearly cut!

The staff at Hari’s are great. They’re young, they’re fun, they’re adventurous. Every time I go in, I kind of wish I worked in a hair salon. I picture myself as a popular stylist, gossiping with my celebrity clients and trendy colleagues all day – not to mention the endless experimentation I could do with my hair… Downton-inspired fingerwave up-dos, 50s pin-up girl curls, or maybe even a choppy fire engine red dye-job à la my favorite film heroine, Lola from Run Lola Run. This time I went in, the girls at Hari’s had thin feathers weaved into their locks, making me a bit green-eyed as the cape snapped on for my standard trim.

edith    50s    run-lola-run2

I’m not ready to do anything drastic to my hair. Quite frankly, I probably never will be. I like my long brunette locks just fine. But they were getting a bit scruffy – time for a holiday touch-up.

1 2 3 4



A sudsy shampoo, a few snips, a scalp-tingling blow-dry and a twirl in the chair later…

6 7





And, violá! My hair’s lighter, shinier and feeling fab!

10 11 12

While there, I was inducted into Hari’s Club – the loyalty program that just launched, and links up Hari’s customers with other local businesses (such as Equinox gym, Ralph Lauren, and Beaufort House private member’s club). Hari’s also runs monthly promotions – It’s totally worth signing up!

13 14What better way to welcome the New Year than with a sleek new do with perks?


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