Snippets from a Cotswolds Christmas

Sadly, I couldn’t make it home to America for Christmas this year. But with my trip stateside now just a couple of months away, I spent my holidays in the next best place – my home-way-from-home in the Cotswold countryside.

Before the onslaught of Christmas dining began, I fancied starting things off with a healthy salad at Daylesford Organic. It’s an adorable little farmshop near Kingham with a delightful cafe. Only trouble was by the time we sat down for lunch, all the best salads were already sold out. Leaving me with my second not-so-healthy choice, a twice-baked Daylesford Blue cheese soufflé. Go figure.
D1 D2D3 D4

Jerusalem artichoke risotto with truffle oil & garlic breadcrumbs

Jerusalem artichoke risotto with truffle oil & garlic breadcrumbs

D6 D7 D8 D9 D11 D12

I love this place.  A working organic farm, serving food that changes every day, depending on the weather and the time of year. Truly seasonal British fare.

On Christmas Eve, we had to get stuck right in helping prep for dinner. On the menu this year, Christmas goose – glazed with honey, and stuffed with apples and rosemary.

G1 G2

The perfectly-roasted result

The perfectly-roasted result

I caught the carver having a cheeky taste!G6


The fireplace lit, we got dressed for dinner (with a little help)…D15 D14 D16

Did a last-minute check all the presents were accounted for under the tree…
D18 D19 usAnd… let’s eat!



Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa spoiled you all. xx

1 thought on “Snippets from a Cotswolds Christmas

  1. Anonymous

    Sarah, you couldn’t look more beautiful or happy! We are so very happy for you both! 2014 will be the happiest year ever. Love and miss you! Aunt Cathy and Uncle Don



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