The Magazine Restaurant | Serpentine Sackler Gallery

I have long been an admirer of Iraqi-British architect, Zaha Hadid, so I couldn’t wait to dine at her latest London commission, The Magazine restaurant, attached to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in Kensington Gardens. We arrived before dinner on opening night of the latest exhibition from the Chapman Brothers. We had a browse around the show, entitled Come and See. We came, we saw, we left.
exh exh1 exh2 Exh3 Exh4 Exh5

The real art was the fantastic swooping curves of Hadid’s roof, which plunges down to touch the ground in three places. The rest is glass. Hadid designed all the tables and chairs in the restaurant too. The DJ spinning chill tracks enhanced the sceney vibe of the place. And the food was wonderful. I had the scallops, followed by the steak.Mag Mag1 mag3 Mag4 mag5

Mag8 Mag7For dessert, a creamy coconut delight spiked with shards of pineapple crunchiness – which the waiter recommended would pair well with a fine Venezuelan rum. Why not?
Mag9 Mag10 Mag11 Mag12 Mag13

We were the last to leave – and even then, reluctantly. A wonderful surprise should you ever find yourself lost in Hyde Park around breakfast, lunch or suppertime (Tuesday – Sunday).


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