Somewhere Off the Turkish Coast

“On a day
when the wind is perfect,
the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.
Today is such a day.”                 ― Rumi

Every so often, I receive an invitation that is so incredible, so exciting, so too-good-to-be-true, that I would drop everything – move heaven and earth – to accept it! So when a dear friend asked if I wanted to spend a week on a boat in Turkey, I could hardly get the words out fast enough, squealing “Absolutely”! I actually might have done a little dance of ecstatic delight. What better way to spend a week with friends than aboard a beautiful luxury schooner sailing off the majestic Lycian Coast?

With my passport stamped at Dalaman airport, I met everyone at arrivals, and we headed to the marina to start our adventure. It was dark when we turned up, so we clambered aboard with our luggage and bunked down for the night.

The next morning, we awoke in our bright and spacious en suite cabin onboard the opulent Ecce Navigo. The sleek interior is clad in gleaming mahogany panelling. Above deck, there are lots of little terry-covered nooks to explore and oodles of space to sprawl out in the sun.

Boat int Boat int2 Boat int3 boat sidecove boat side1

We padded up the stairs towards the wafting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and discovered we were no longer in the marina, but moored in a shimmering, placid cove – just as breakfast was being served. Having a five-star chef onboard was the ultimate indulgence – heaping plates of fresh fruit, giant bowls of thick yogurt with nuts, tomato and herb salad, Mediterranean olives and squidgy slices of local cheese. I was in food heaven!


breakfast breakfast2 breakfast3 breakfast4 breakfast5 Breakfast6 breakfast7

There was a yoga instructor onboard, so we continued our healthy start to the day with a gentle session of stretches and poses – and an obligitory series of sun salutations. What an invigorating way to greet the sunshine while awakening the body and breath – as light glinted off the rippling water all around us!

yoga yoga1 yoga2After our class, it was time for a dip in the dazzling sapphire waters of the Mediterranean.

swim dive2

Okay, maybe one more dip (this time, without the form and finesse)…swim jump

If anyone asked how the water was, we called it refreshing. Some days it was so refreshing, we needed to sun ourselves on the bow for a while to warm back up.


… although this little sailor always seemed content lounging in the shade.

babyorange orange deckcool guykiss

After a day of soaking in the sun and scenery, we got all gussied up in our evening finery. After pre-dinner cocktails at the bar, we made our way to the table for a long, lingering Turkish feast – accompanied by plenty of toasts and giggles.

bardinner dinner2 dinner3



What a memorable night bobbing on the waves of the Mediterranean with this gorgeous crew!

As it turns out, life at sea is the life for me!

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