Greece, Love & Happiness

There are some places in this world that just stick with you long after you leave. I knew by my first full day, Mykonos would be one of those special spots I will remember vividly forever.

I could hardly sit still through breakfast, I was so excited to scurry down to the beach like a little crab. Agios Stefanos is a sandy local beach with crystal clear shallow water, perfect for wading and snorkeling.

M1 M2 M18 M7 M8 M9A morning swim in the sea is like a cup of coffee – a wonderful way to start the day! We paddled around and then lazed on our towels in the warm sand until lunchtime. When our tummies started to rumble, we didn’t have to go far – we just breezed into the beachside grill and ordered up a plate of barbecued sardines, and one mean salad – pomegranate, pinenuts, sun-dried tomatoes, and big squidgy chunks of Greek cheese. M20 M4M10 M13 M12 M11 M14 M15

At the end of the day, with our swimsuits hung out to dry, we scrubbed up, dressed in our dinner clothes and headed up to our private rooftop to watch the sun set. As the sun dipped down behind the end of the island, champagne was popped – and so was a big question!

drying me1

view1 view

champ champ4 me hands


cheesy grin box

How can a little box hold so much happiness?

Over dinner, we laughed and gasped and sighed, and celebrated our engagement.  Our candlelit table for two overlooking the sunset was the most amazing place to dine on three courses served to us right there on our private rooftop.

watching watching2 Sunset

I think it was the happiest sunset I ever saw.

1 thought on “Greece, Love & Happiness

  1. Anonymous

    I’m crying again! the view, the people, the ring..all so romantic and beautiful. I am sooooooo happy for you and Eddie. Welcome Eddie to the family!!!!!



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