Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House

I guess by now my secret’s out – I love oysters! They’re low-fat, low-cal, almost totally protein, and (hello!) natural aphrodisiacs. Thankfully, living on this great island there’s no shortage of the little rascals.

One of my favorite seafood restaurants in London has to be Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House. It’s located at the southern end of London Bridge, in one of London’s oldest and biggest wholesale covered markets – Borough Market. It’s such a bustling niche of the city – and a mecca for foodies. With a snazzy little street band playing outside in the streets, we tucked into a grand fruit de mer. Oysters, mussels, cockles, razor clams, whelks, and steamed Atlantic shrimp – all traded fresh from the morning market.









After a walk down the Thames, we took in show by local beatboxing artist “Sholmo”. Bad stage name, but excellent performance. He composes alternative, hip hop, drum & bass, and electronic music using only his mouth. It was incredible. A choreographed act of two beat-boxers rapping to a twirling tutu-clad ballerina from the English National Ballet isn’t the type of collaboration you see everyday. In some ways, it’s a metaphor for London!

London Bridge

London Bridge

Millennium Bridge | dome of Saint Paul's Cathedral

Millennium Bridge | dome of Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Schlomo busting a rhyme

Shlomo busting a rhyme






I’m amazed by the contrasts of a London night. From a traditional meal in one of the city’s historic markets to the energizing creative sphere – the scene is a many-spendored thing!


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