London Wonderground

London is my playground. And there’s no better place to amuse my inner hyperactive wildchild than along the festive strip of Southbank. On the south bank of the Thames, you’ll find the London Eye, the National Theatre, and the über-trendy Southbank Centre – plus their pop-up sideshow fair London Wonderground. All summer, you can frolic inside the fairground supping a bracingly cool cup of Pimm’s with friends – and take in one of many ticketed side shows.

parI headed over this week – across Westminster Bridge and past the stately houses of Parliament – to sample the amusements. Limbo is part-circus, part-jam-session and part-cover-your-eyes-in-apprehension as an edgy series of spectacles play out onstage and above the audience. There were Cirque du Soleil acrobatics, pulse-thumping dance numbers, and one seriously bendy contortionist who was basically a human rubberband. Swept up in the excitement, I fell head over heels for a beatboxing French pole-dancer wearing heavy makeup  – never have I been a sucker for a carny in guyliner until tonight. Just one of many ways Limbo enthralled me!




Pimm's - a British summer tradition

Falling off the Pimm’s wagon



Inside the big-top

Inside the big-top

Ringside seats for all the action

Ringside seats for all the action


The London Eye

The London Eye


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