Moscow Kremlin


After such a big night, I got off to a late start on my second day in Moscow. Feeling creaky, I popped into Schastye cafe for a rich cup of “happiness” and a cheesy croissant.

pereulok Kamergerskiy

pereulok Kamergerskiy






Then it was straight to the Kremlin – do not pass go, do not collect $200 – where I wondered Red Square and got a little giddy when I saw the colorful bulbous domes of the iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

Saint Basil's Cathedral

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Lenin's Tomb

Lenin’s Tomb



GUM is the most elegant shopping galleria in Moscow – packed with luxury boutiques such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Kenzo – but if it’s value you’re after, fugetaboutit! You won’t need to travel the globe much further to find a bigger rip-off, but it is the place for purely voyeuristic window-shopping and a moment to unwind over a cappuccino at one of the many grand cafes.

Cafe Pushkin on Tverskoy Boulevard is one of the best ways to experience the pre-Soviet sophistication and opulence of Russian dining. There were so many little details to take in over lunch – the candlelit dining room, the waiters in traditional dress, the adorable little girl in a white taffeta gown at the table next to us daintily eating a raspberry creme brulee.

Cafe Pushkin

Cafe Pushkin

Pelmeni (dumplings) stuffed with salmon

Pelmeni (dumplings) stuffed with salmon

Mushrooms a la pulet | mix of white mushrooms, champignons, chanterelles baked in a sour-cream sauce

Mushrooms a la pulet | mix of white mushrooms, champignons, chanterelles baked in a sour-cream sauce



Confectionery Pushkin

Confectionery Pushkin


That evening we dined at the most darling little place called Khachapuri, a Georgian city cafe. The service was the warmest I experienced in Moscow, and we had a lovely little candlelit table outside on the patio.




No photos of the food, I’m afraid but I recommend:

Khachapuri with cheese and fresh greens, Champignon mushroom caps baked with Suluguni cheese, Georgian pickles, and Satsivi with chicken

A very relaxed and civilized second day in Moscow!


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