Bo London

Today I met a fellow ex-pat (and chronically late) friend for lunch at Bo London. It sits just opposite Maddox club on Mill Street in Mayfair. Unfortunately, as I was being seated at our suede banquette table, her cabbie was dropping her off at another Mill Street near Tower Bridge! Nothing I could do but swill my glass of grüner veltliner while I waited.


Having gained notoriety for their infamous “sex on the beach” dish that looks like a used condom tossed into the sand, I thought I’d try a few of the more appetizing options from the lunch menu. I had plenty of time to ponder my choices while the other half of my party re-routed her journey, so by the time she breezed in I had already memorized my order.

The wild mushroom dumplings and the chilli crab fun gor were luscious little parcels of savoriness, but the “X-treme Chinese” we came for were the classic xiao long bao served with a lemongrass vinegar dipping sauce. Careful not to squeeze them too tightly with your chopsticks or risk bursting the soft pouch and loosing all the creamy pork soup inside!


Cod with saffron miso and braised fennell


My gal pal wasted no time tucking into her plate of scallops with crispy woba and sugar snap pea foam.


Coconut creme brûlée with pineapple chilli sorbet


I had to hurriedly scoot back to work, but a hearty golf clap to the staff who were easily able to accomodate our restricted and somewhat hectic timetable. The set lunch menu gets you 3 dim sum, 1 main and 1 dessert for the thrifty pricetag of £27. Get yourself to Bo London!


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