Getaway DC

This year has been full on. Summer slipped by in the blink of an eye. And since Lucas started nursery downtown, we’ve hardly had a moment free. We needed to press pause.

So we booked ourselves a little cabin down in the Shenandoah Valley, and took off for a much-needed getaway.

Sans child. Sans wi-fi. And after a few glasses of wine, sans a care in the world.


Trees Forest Trail




getaway view

Our cabin for the evening was tucked into the most gorgeous woodland setting, where you couldn’t hear a car horn or siren for miles. The only sounds were just the lone crow, squirrels scampering across the crunchy leaves, and the swoosh of an occasional breeze across the treetops.

We settled into our cabin and lit our campfire.

getaway cabin IGGGGGG

getaway cabin ig bed

getaway cabin side

getaway cabin hat rack

getaway cabin phone

getaway cabin

getaway fire eddie

One thing we didn’t need a break from was a good meal. But unlike our usual dinners at home (which usually involve lots of prep, tons of stress to get it on the table in time, and then a forensic amount of clean up after), this time we did things differently.

getaway cabin beef bourg basket

getaway cabin beef bourg basket3

A one-pot meal we could throw in a dutch oven and kick back by the fire while it stewed for a couple of hours.

getaway cabin table

And like any recipe that calls for a whole bottle of wine – you know it’s going to be good!


getaway beef bourg

getaway beef bourg vlose

Beef Bourguignon over potato gnocchi

It definitely took a while, but when you’ve got nothing else to do but sit and talk, and sip wine and look at the moon rise, you don’t really notice! Well worth the wait, we ate late and stayed up much later.

The next morning, we slept in. I know a lot of parents probably complain about a lack of sleep, which I never really understood. I have always been such a high energy person, I never missed the hours of lost sleep when I had a baby.

getaway cabin bed IG

But being here, I now realise how a nice, long lie-in is such a luxury for mums and dads. You don’t have to get up. That’s when it feels so good to be lazy.

getaway view high

getaway socks


Breakfast was another easy skillet on the grill. My campsite take on huevos rancheros, we felt like a couple of cowboys as we sipped our mugs of coffee waiting for the chow bell.

getaway breakfast

getaway breakfast table

Breakfast Camping Picnic Autumn


breakfast remnants

With the last bits of breakfast mopped up, there was nothing to do but snuggle up and just chill until checkout time.

reading IGGGGG







Hillwood Gardens, Washington DC

Hi! Fancy seeing you again!

Just thought I’d quickly check in and let everyone know our nomadic adventures continue – and we’re happy to add another pin in the map. We now hang our hat in Washington, DC. Having moved from one capital city (London), we are feeling right at home and have wasted no time exploring this captivating town.

Spring is giving way to summer, and the weather here has been spectacular. We are trying to spend as much time outdoors as we can before the oppressive summer heat sets in.

As we celebrated our third wedding anniversary, we headed to Hillwood Museum for an early afternoon picnic in the gardens.

Hillwood mansion

The estate was founded by the glamorous (and somewhat eccentric) socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post. The mansion is now a museum, home to her incredible art collection and showcasing her wacky eye for interior design.

But the real delight are the gardens!

Hillwood japanese garden

Hillwood bridge1

We set right to work exploring every angle!

Hillwood Japanese garden waterfall

Hillwood japanese rock

And eventually settling in the shade to share a picnic.

Hillwood picnic dada luc

Hillwood picnic

I usually like to have a little lie-down after lunch, resting under the cool canopy, listening to the water babbling and birds crooning, inhaling the scent of freshly mown grass with every breath.

But this guy had other ideas!

Hillwood lawn run

Hillwood side yard

It was the day of the big Hillwood gala and everything was looking in tip-top shape for the evening’s events. So it was a bit embarrassing when we couldn’t keep our child from turning every fountain into his personal paddling pool.

His philosophy is clearly, “it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

Hillwood fountina

Hillwood fountain mama luc


Hillwood Japanese garden lilypads

Hillwood japanese garden bridge

Hillwood putting green umbrella

A glorious day, impeccable gardens, and the best company a girl could ask for.

Even if you have to chase after it.

Hillwood putting green


The Seldom Scene

Perhaps you have noticed (or maybe you haven’t!) that I took a little break from writing over the past few months.

Although lots of exciting things have happened so far this year, I’ve been quite busy.

Much in part to this little chap!

Silver Cross

Say hello to Lucas!

At the beginning of the year, just before this little one came along, we moved house. Again! We now call Beaufort, South Carolina home. It’s a sleepy Lowcountry coastal town between Charleston and Savannah. We adore our neighbourhood, the outdoor lifestyle, and the weather. But it’s a bit, shall we say, ho hum.

Trio front porch 2

Thankfully, we have enough on our hands to keep us more than occupied!

Lucas quilt

June 26 Luc Blanket

June 26 Mama Luc

He’s a handful, but we’re so happy to have him along for the ride!

June 26 ford truck

The adventures continue soon…


Jekyll Island Club

Jakyll Island Club frontage

Last weekend we snuck off to the Georgia coast for a little getaway on Jekyll Island. The island used to be an entirely private hunting grounds and site of the members-only Jekyll Island Club, which was once described as “the richest, the most exclusive, the most inaccessible club in the world.”

Notable members included the likes of J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, Vincent Astor, and Joseph Pulitzer.

The club has a sinister history as the clandestine meeting place of a group of New York bankers, who met here in secret in 1907 to create the Federal Reserve. But in the bright light of modern day, it is now an inviting and gorgeous coastal retreat.

Jakyll Island Club front

Jakyll Island Club Room

We sprang from bed and headed for breakfast in the Grand Dining Room, enjoying the beautiful grounds bathed in glorious morning sunshine.

Jakyll Island Club

Jakyll Island Club outside

Jakyll Island Club outside walk

Jakyll Island Club Breakfast

Jakyll Island Club Breakfast face

Jakyll Island Club Hotel Fire

Jakyll Island Club walk

Walking back after breakfast we passed several cottages on the island, which would have been luxurious winter homes for members of the club.

Jakyll Island Club chairs

Jakyll Island Club Cottage

Jakyll Island Club Cottage Garden

Jakyll Island Club Cottage front

Jakyll Island Club wicker rockers

Jakyll Island Club wicker rockers gaze

As Savannah is close by, we decided to pop in for a look around and a bit of lunch.

Savannah Steamboat Georgia Queen Kirks

Savannah Zos Tara Kirks

Savannah Collins Quarter_

Savannah Collins Quarter Mirror

Collins Quarter is a great little Savannah eatery on the corner of Bull Street and Oglethorpe Avenue. The menu has a distinctly Australian influence, and is an excellent choice for brunch!

Savannah Collins Quarter E

Savannah Collins Quarter Chai latte

The chai latte was exceptional! And so begins my new addiction to chai….

Savannah Collins Quarter Chai

Savannah Collins Quarter  E Zos

Savannah Collins Quarter Salmon

Poached Egg, House Cured Salmon, Potato Rosti, Cherry Tomatoes, Micro Herbs and House made Hollandaise served with Green Salad

Savannah Collins Quarter Avo Toast

Smashed Avocado served on Beaufort Artisan Bakery Toast with Feta, Heirloom Tomatoes, Micro Herbs, and Shaved Radishes topped with a Poached Egg

Savannah Collins Quarter Aussie Breakfast

Leo’s Aussie Brekkie: Chorizo Sausage, Savannah River Farms Bacon, Eggs, Sautéed Mushroom, Baked Beans & Grilled Tomato served with Beaufort Artisan Bakery Toast

Savannah Collins Quarter S tara

Jakyll Island Club Hotel Side

Back on Jekyll Island, we headed down to the “Rah” Bar on the riverside just as the sun was setting.

Jakyll Island Club Rah Bar View

Jakyll Island Club Rah Bar Sign

Jakyll Island Club Rah Bar View Flowers

Jakyll Island Club Rah Bar Paradise

It was such a peaceful setting for a drink and to appreciate the beauty of the waterfront.

Jakyll Island Club Rah Bar S

Jakyll Island Club Rah Bar E Zos

Jakyll Island Club Rah Bar Sky

What a delightful and relaxing weekend away enjoying the stunning scenery of the south!

Founders Ball, Charleston

Last night was a big party at Hibernian Hall downtown to celebrate the annual Founders Ball.

It was the perfect start to the holiday social season here in Charleston, with a magnificent Christmas tree bedecked in festive tinsel.

Founders Ball Christmas TreeFounders Ball DancingFounders Ball BandFounders Ball PortraitFounders Ball Group PhotoFounders Ball StageFounders Ball Silly

We mingled with friends, threw some shapes on the dance floor, nibbled on some Southern food, and wound down the evening in Chucktown style!


Garden & Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast

Garden & Gun is a southern lifestyle magazine which hosts an annual Jubilee outside of Charleston. The weekend of events kicked off last night with the hotly anticipated oyster roast at Charles Towne Landing.

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast entrance

We arrived after dark to the wooded winter wonderland, with bluegrass singers greeting us at the gates.

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Reindeer

Garden Gun Jubliee Oyster Roast entrance walkway

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast entrance bluegrass

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast view

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast beer

We snagged some drinks and had a wander round.

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast drinks

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast roaming

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Steamed Oysters

Rappahannock Oyster Co. out of Richmond, VA was was churning out heaps of steamed oysters.

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Shucking

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Shucked

Once you manage to shuck them from their shells, they are a tremendous salty, juicy treat!

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast sign

The Jubilee is a festive seasonal marketplace showcasing some brilliant vendors and designs that represent the best of the south.

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Vendor Sara Grimshaw Designs

Sara York Grimshaw Designs

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Vendor Goat Sheep Cow


Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Farmshed

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Swing

The catering was deliciously southern.

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Chile Verde Merroir Tasting Room

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Tuna

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Tuna plate

Tuna with kimchi & black rice | Rappahannock Oyster Co., Richmond, VA

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Weiner fixins

Toward the end of the evening, Wild Weiners of Charleston was providing hot dogs with all the fixin’s.

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Vendor Weiners

Garden Gun Jubilee Oyster Roast Hot Dog

A nice bite before carriages!

It definitely looks to be a wonderful weekend at the Jubilee. Get your tickets and go!

Savannah Food & Wine Festival

Taste of Savannah was held this year at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Hundreds of food, wine, and spirits vendors participated in the festival, doling out their goodies to eager foodies and oenophiles.

Any excuse to get back to beautiful Savannah, right?

Savannah Food Wine Festival Park Backdrop

Savannah Food Wine Festival Atlanta Train

What an amazing outdoor venue! I felt like a kid, stupefied by all the big trains, and couldn’t resist the childish urge to clamber up onto some of the carriages to get a better view of the festival grounds.

Savannah Food Wine Festival Train 30

Savannah Food Wine Festival Atlanta Train 2715

There were scads of vendor tents, lots of barbecue grills being fired up, cookbooks being signed, and numerous live demonstrations taking place.

Savannah Food Wine Festival Cooking Demo

But we were careful to prioritize our time – tasting some of the incredible wines on offer…

Savannah Food Wine Festival Wine Tasting

And sampling some southern delicacies, such as honey barbecue grilled chicken wings.

Savannah Food Wine Festival Big Green Egg Chicken Wings

Savannah Food Wine Festival BBQ Wings

Savannah Food Wine Festival Couple

Savannah Food Wine Festival Berkeley's Mill Grits

Other Southern favorites were available to sample. These astounding grits were made with heavy cream and packed quite a punch – ooomf!

Savannah Food Wine Festival Barkley's Mill Grits

Savannah Food Wine Festival Naan Indian restaurant Savannah

We had our first taste of Indian food since leaving London, and it was sweet, spicy relief at long last. Oh, how we miss our old local curry house!

Savannah Food Wine Festival Naan Indian Food Savannah

Savannah Food Wine Festival Naan Indian restaurant Savannah Food

Savannah Food Wine Festival Nicolas Feuillatte Ste Michelle Wine Estates Sparkling Rose

Savannah Food Wine Festival Nicolas Feuillatte Ste Michelle Wine Estates Sparkling Rose Bottle

Savannah Food Wine Festival Sip Nicolas Feuillatte Ste Michelle Wine Estates Sparkling Rose Bottle

Savannah Food Wine Festival Samples

After a glass of bubbles and some pickled crudités, we swung round the tents one more time to try out some new and exciting drinks.

I am going to be filling my shopping cart with a huge supply of this toasted almond coconut sake when it makes its debut at my local Publix grocery store soon – it’s incredible!

Savannah Food Wine Festival Social Coconut Almond Sake

I don’t go for the hard stuff, but there was plenty of it around.

Savannah Food Wine Festival Serpents Bite Apple Cider

And even the most discerning drinker can’t resist a little sip of southern moonshine when it’s offered…

Savannah Food Wine Festival Moonshine shooter

Savannah Food Wine Festival Bill Elliott Dawsonville Moonshine

Savannah Food Wine Festival SoHo South Combo Shooter with Petit Crabcake

SoHo Combo Shooter with Petit Crabcake with mini grilled cheese & tomato bisque

Savannah Food Wine Festival Buffalo Wild Wings Slider

Wild Wing Cafe’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders with fried jalepenos

Savannah Food Wine Festival Georgia Peach Balsamic Vinegar

Lowcountry Gourmet Georgia Peach Balsamic Vinegar over ice cream

Savannah Food Wine Festival Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie with Toasted Marshmallow and Raspberry

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie with toasted marshmallow and raspberry

Savannah Food Wine Festival Red Train

We finally came to the end of our tour, and took our caboose right back into Savannah to call it a day!